‘Pawn Stars’: Rick Harrison Talks Cars With Adam Carolla at a Custom Auto Shop

The main Pawn Stars actor Rick Harrison is a huge fan of cars. So, he traveled to an auto shop in Burbank, California to discuss them with Adam Carolla.

While the actor continuously shares his adventures in Vegas, he also posts a lot about cars. Further, Harrison is very passionate about cars and even has a collection of them.

With that said, the Pawn Stars actor made his way to a custom auto shop. Once he arrived, he met up with radio personality Adam Carolla to discuss the one thing they know best. Of course, he couldn’t leave the shop without getting a picture with Carolla and another friend at Divine 1 Customs.

Shortly after, the official Division 1 Customs Instagram account replied to the post. They wrote, “
Best time ever!! Thank you @rick_harrison @adamcarolla.”

Hopefully, Harrison and Carolla have more get-togethers where they talk about their one true passion. After all, it’s important to bond with people who have the same interests as you.

Rick Harrison Tried Duck For the First Time at a Mexican Restaurant in Vegas

Recently, Rick Harrison ventured out of his norm a little bit. He went out to eat at a Mexican joint in Vegas, where he tried duck carnitas for the first time. He mentioned that duck is very tasty and is recommending it.

Most people go to Vegas for the strip of casinos, nightclubs and malls. But Rick Harrison had another thing in mind. Yes, he wanted a delightful dinner at one of Vegas’ most popular restaurants, Salud Mexican Bistro.

Upon his arrival, he took a photo with one of the waitresses at the restaurant. Judging by the post, Harrison looks incredibly happy with the service and most importantly, the food. Let’s take a look below.

In the post’s caption, Harrison wrote, “Best Mexican food in Vegas @saludmbt duck carnitas are amazing.”

Read more here if you’re curious about what duck tastes like. In the article, Outsider’s Jonathan Howard provides us with more information about the tasty meat.

The Pawn Stars Mother Has Decided to Sue Her Son

Seems like Rick Harrison has a lot going on right now. His mother, Joanne Harrison, recently filed a lawsuit against him over an assets and ownership dispute.

To learn more about the situation, click here.