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Phil Robertson Explains Why His Daily Focus is ‘Trust in God, Trust in Capitalism’

(Photo by Joshua Lott/Getty Images)

Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson is focusing on a select number of things as the we wait for the outcome of the presidential election. One reoccurring theme with the star is relying on God. This time he’s citing a certain form of economic and political system.

Phil Robertson did what he does best and posted a video to his Youtube channel the day after the election. This time he’s joined by Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer of the “Ann and Phelim Scoop” podcast.

The group starts off by talking about the undecided election and the protests or “riots” that are taking place across the country. This leads to the group discusinng their backgrounds.

McElhinney questions the Duck Dynasty patriarch about the certain whistle that attracts ducks. Robertson says that everyone has something that they’re good at and he has his own talents.

“I had a particular skill set if you want to say that. And what I had was… I listened to birds.” He continues, “Started out with nothing except trust in God, trust in capitalism, hard work.”

Then Robertson continues to explain whistles to his guests. He then says he made the whistles, put them on the market, and then came the TV people.

As the video plays, Robertson continues to talk about loving God and how everybody sins. But the government can’t raise you from the dead or absolve you of sins, he says. For these reasons, manifested by Robertson, is why he tries and votes for the most “Godly-like” candidate.

Phil Robertson Shares Opinion on Which Presidential Candidate is Closer to Jesus

In a video shared before the election, Phil Roberston’s tells his followers that he thinks Trump is the closest candidate to Jesus. He quickly points out that Trump’s grounded in faith and that he’s important to the Robertson family.

Robertson’s invoked faith several times over the past couple days as the election draws out into Thursday afternoon.