Phil Robertson Posts First Photo of Long Lost Daughter on Instagram From Hunting Trip

Phil Robertson is introducing his fans to his long lost daughter. The beloved “Duck Dynasty” dad posted an image of Phyllis from a recent hunting trip to his Instragram account on Friday.

He captioned the photo, “First duck hunt with my daughter.”

The 74-year-old has been spending a lot of time in the duck blind as he posted a hunting selfie with his brother Si earlier that day.

Robertson shocked fans earlier this year when he announced on his Unashamed Podcast that he had a previously unknown daughter.

Phil admits in the podcast that before he conceived Phyllis during a rough patch in his life before he became a Christian. But he’s happy she found him.

“Until she showed up, I had nothing good to say about what happened before I repented,” Phil said. “I had nothing good. I just walled it off.” Despite the shocking news, the Robertson family said there were no “awkward” moments between their families. “It was just like puzzle pieces clicking into place,” Phyllis said. “It was like I’ve always known you, in a way.”

Happy, Happy, Happy to meet his daughter

Phyllis said she was unaware of her connection to Phil Robertson until she began to question her lineage after a DNA test. The results conflicted with what she had been told of her ethnicity. And she discovered she had a different father than her three siblings.

“A little digging, internet searches, looking through the site, and put together a family tree, so to speak. My husband helped me with it. We filled in a lot of blanks,” Phyllis said.

She narrowed down her parentage to a few possibilities and thought, “I think I know who this might be.”

Phil and Kay Robertson’s oldest son, Al, said this summer that his half-sister planned to move to West Monroe, La., to be closer to her newfound family and spend more time with her father. It seems she’s done that.

It’s unclear though if she’s watched an entire episode of “Duck Dynasty” yet. She admitted on Phil’s podcast she had never seen a complete show.

“I had no preconceived ideas, really. I tried to watch a couple of episodes … it felt like, you know, that’s not what I want my first impression to be,” Phyllis said.

Even though Phil was separated from his daughter for 45 years, he was thrilled to have her in his life now.

“Phyllis, all I can tell you is: I’m glad you found me,” Phil told his long lost daughter during the podcast. “I’m glad I found you … Welcome aboard.”