Photo: Gwen Stefani Perfectly Recreates One of Her Iconic Early 2000’s Looks

We must admit, Gwen Stefani was a cool chick in the 2000s. With her edgy outfits that always seem to show her mid-drift, blonde buns, and in your face attitude, Stefani gave young girls everywhere somebody to look up to. Stefani didn’t try and fit in the pop mold that so many female artists did in the 2000s.

Perhaps the edgier Stefani is what she’s trying to get back to by releasing a pop song. The former No Doubt front-woman crossed the lines into country music in more recent years. However, she could be rebranding herself with the single that she’s teasing, “Let Me Reintroduce Myself.”

Stefani has been dropping hints on Twitter about her new song. This time she’s asking fans if they’re ready and recreating one of her most iconic looks.

One fan did the leg work for us and dug up the 2000s outfit. Then they placed the “then and now” Stefani side-by-side.

However, it seems like a white crop-top was the singer’s MO in the 2000s. Stefani was often seen wearing a cut-off tee and showing off her abs, but that’s something that she’s still doing.

The 51-year old posses for a photo, saluting the camera and wearing a white crop-top. However, it does seem like she has upgraded in a few areas. Take the diamond-encrusted “Blake Shelton” necklace, several gold bangles, and one fan likes how Stefani’s eyebrows seemed to have filled out.

Gwen Stefani Fans React to New Post

The “I’m Just a Girl” singer’s fans are pulling up on Twitter and showing their love for Stefani’s self-proclaimed reintroduction. They’re ready for the single that drops tomorrow, Dec. 7.

This fan is obviously ready as they write in all-caps. “WE’VE BEEN READY SINCE MISERY WAS RELEASED!!” the caption exclaims.