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Photo: Massive Snake Tries Swallowing Possum Whole Wile Hanging Upside Down

MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle/Getty Images

An oversized snake was caught on camera trying to eat a full-grown possum from an upside-down position.

A reptile removal service from Queensland, Australia shared a photo of the slithery beast, Newsweek reported.

The service, Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers, posted the photo to Facebook. They also posted a second photo of the snake peering down from the roof. Its possum dinner had dropped to the floor due to being too heavy.


Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers owner Stuart McKenzie noted that the “huge food item” had been too much for the snake to hold onto.

“Have a look at the size of this possum this snake took down,” he wrote. “The Carpet Python did its best to try and eat it upside down but the possum proved too heavy for the snake to hold.”

Queensland plays host to about 120 snake species, about 65% of which are venomous, Newsweek reported.

According to Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers, Carpet Pythons lack fangs or venom. However, they have mouths full of “small sharp needle-like teeth.”

The snake removal service said Carpet Pythons are common in south Queensland. They also posted a photo to Facebook of a sprawling Carpet Python curled up in a child’s bedroom. It had been drawn there by the electric blanket on the child’s bed.

“[The snakes] basically occupy all habitats and will be found in all suburbs within the area,” the service wrote in a fact sheet. “They are often found within close proximity to homes and are often not too bothered by human presence compared to other shy snake species. [They are] often found in roof spaces making the most of the rats, mice, and possums running around up there.”