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Rattlesnake Steals Georgia Hunter’s Dove, Swallows It in Shocking Video

(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

You might want to check yourself if you get around a rattlesnake because this one happened to not only steal but swallow a dove. Yep, in this viral video, we will be able to see a Georgia hunter lose his dove to the ferocious reptile.

The hunter apparently had just downed it and went looking for it. Well, apparently a rattlesnake got to it first, per Wide Open Spaces. By the time the hunter got there, that old snake had swallowed the dove’s head. That’s one surefire way of losing your dove. Imagine, all that hard work as a hunter and you get upended by a rattler.

Stay Safe When Around A Rattlesnake

This also is a good spot to talk about safety. As a hunter, you probably are very aware of the safety precautions that you take before a hunt. But, when it comes to snakes, that’s a whole new ballgame.

Caution is the word of the day around rattlesnakes. Be aware when getting around them. Make sure your hunting dog is taken care of, too. The rattlers venom and teeth can cause serious damage to you or your dog.

While you might want to kill the snake, maybe there’s another choice. What about leaving this snake alive? We know you love and respect the great outdoors. As that happens, it does involve animals of all shapes and sizes. Yes, including snakes, too. Obviously, as a hunter, you really wanted that dove. Well, once the snake has decided to bite the dove’s head, maybe it’s a good idea to let the snake have it. Sure, you had great thoughts and visions of eating that dove. Forget it. So, with all of this rattlesnake talk, maybe you just want to watch your step. Be careful out there. Stay vigilant in your hunting expeditions and don’t let one get the best of you.