Reba McEntire’s Lifetime Christmas Movie Air Date Announced

As the holiday season edges closer, it’s time for all of our favorite things. Cinnamon and spice desserts, twinkling lights – and our favorite Lifetime holiday movies. As if it couldn’t get any better, country queen Reba McEntire announced a new movie with the network.

“Christmas in Tune” will air a day after Thanksgiving, Reba announced in an Instagram post. Though we don’t have all the details, the title hints it will most likely include musical treats from the country music star. And with Reba’s comforting demeanor, we’re sure it will become a favorite in no time.

“It’s the best time of year, the #ItsAWonderfulLifetime line-up is here! Don’t miss my movie Reba McEntire’s #ChristmasInTune on November 26th, only on @lifetimetv!” Reba captioned the photo.

This means in less than a month, we can all snuggle up with our fuzzy socks and leftover turkey while watching Reba McEntire’s Christmas special. We can’t wait!

Reba McEntire Shows Off Her Rodeo Roping Skills

While she’ll surely make us feel all warm on the inside with her Christmas performance, Reba McEntire is also quite versatile. Once an avid rodeo competitor, the singer got to show off her skills in an appearance on James Corden’s “The Late Late Show.”

During a humorous game, the talk show host asked Reba to demonstrate her roping skills. She jumped at the opportunity. However, Corden didn’t haul in a farm animal. Instead, he had fellow guest Matthew McConaughey pose as an unruly bison.

The actor was a good sport – jumping around donning a pair of horns. This didn’t phase Reba in the least, however. She raised the rope above her head, swinging it round and round. After a short throw, she easily snagged McConaughey on the first try.

While Reba has been entertaining us with her musical talents since the 1970s, she’s shown she’s also a jack of all trades. Coming into show business, however, the singer knew she wanted to keep her real name. Some performers choose a stage name. But Reba knew her name meant more.

“My grandma was a very spiritual woman. Her name was Reba Smith. That’s my mama’s mama,” the country star explained, “My daddy’s mama died before my oldest sister Alice was born. Grandma Reba taught me about the love of Jesus. To me, that’s the most important thing she could’ve ever taught me.”

Certainly, the world now knows her name is synonymous with stardom, awards, groundbreaking country music – but what’s more is that Reba has steadily stayed grounded, humble and thankful throughout her prestigious career. Her grandmother would certainly be proud.