Reba McEntire Shows Love to Loretta Lynn After Saying Her Fellow Singer is ‘Still Woman Enough For Sure’

Loretta Lynn has continued to prove she is still as fierce, relevant, and in charge as she has been her entire six-decade-long career in music.

Along the way, she has been nominated for a Grammy Award 18 times and won three times. She has 24 No.1 singles and 11 No.1 albums. She stopped her five decades of touring in 2017 after having a stroke and breaking her hip the next year.

Despite challenges, Lynn is still proving she’s got what it takes to make a standout album. She recently released her new album, Still Woman Enough. She partners up with other artists to make a three-generation powerhouse performance for one of the songs.

Reba McEntire Shares the Love with Loretta Lynn

Both Reba McEntire and Carrie Underwood are featured on the track “Still Woman Enough.” Margo Price and Tanya Tucker also featured in different songs on the album.

On Twitter, Loretta Lynn had posted a video of the three of them working on the song. Reba McEntire shared the post and wrote, “Love you @LorettaLynn!!!” Lynn also said that Reba is “Still Woman Enough” as well.

Loretta Lynn was a landmark artist when she bulldozed through country music. She is the first woman to write and perform their own song and earn a country No. 1 hit. Artists like McEntire have stated the kind of influence Lynn has had on their careers over the years.

She has made it clear over the years her desire to open doors for women in country music. Women are often underrepresented in the genre.

Both Reba McEntire and Underwood have had their own feminist, female-empowering songs over the years. McEntire’s “Fancy,” tells the empowering story of a prostitute, while Underwood’s madly popular “Before He Cheats” dominated the industry when the cheating-revenge-fantasy tune was released. Lynn, among other artists during her early years, helped teach women to dominate.

Lynn has still been releasing a lot of music in recent years. As the trio sings, “It ain’t your age, it’s your state of mind.” And it doesn’t look like Loretta Lynn is slowing down.

Story Behind the Song

The album was produced by Lynn’s daughter, Patsy Lynn Russell. John Carter Cash, June Carter Cash and Johnny Cash’s son, also helped produce.

In an interview with The Boot, Patsy Lynn Russell explains how the powerful, empowering, country-female power trio came to be on “Still Woman Enough.”

Russell explains it was never really intended to be a duet, but her mother had a different plan. She said, “You know what, I’m gonna have Reba come in here and sing this with me.” She had also recently seen Carrie Underwood perform “You Ain’t Woman Enough” at an award show.

“Mom’s way smarter than all of us, because, you know, I’m still playing off of ‘You Ain’t Woman Enough’ to ‘Still Woman Enough’ in my mind, and my mom saw a broader picture, that this is really about girlfriends standing together, ’cause we’re still woman enough, and the struggles — we’re woman enough to go through those. I think that’s part of Loretta Lynn’s genius, is knowing those moments, and what those moments are on a broader base,” Russell said.

While making the clever allusion to her older song, Lynn and others created an entirely new message of female solidarity. It showcased a generational impact.