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‘Reliable’ Bigfoot Sighting Occurs Near Illinois ‘Hot Spot’

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Whatever you choose to call the creature – bigfoot, yeti, sasquatch, or even in some areas, the abominable snowman, sightings of the elusive creature have been reported for decades all across the world.

From California to Australia, to mountain ranges all over the globe, the ever-elusive creatures have certainly piqued the interests of many over the years.

Now, the towering and mysterious bigfoot has been sighted again. And, this particular sighing occurred in an area considered to be a “hot spot” for encounters with the sasquatch.

According to reports, the sighing occurred in central Illinois. This area says the Bigfoot Field Researches Organization, is well-known for its sightings of the creature.

Bigfoot Shocks One Illinois Communter

The report notes that the witness was driving along route 78 in the central area of Illinois at around 10:30 p.m. when the sighting occurred.

“A car was probably 3/4 mile ahead of me,” the report notes. “And I could see their tail lights.”

According to the report, the eyewitness was following the vehicle along Route 78 when something caught his eye.

“I saw a large animal jump into the road about 40 yards ahead,” the witness says in the report, according to BroBible.

“When it hit the road I could see very large legs spread wide in a dead run with large swinging hairy arms,” the description continues.

“The arms switched back and forth close to the ground as its body was leaning forward,” the witness says of the incredible sight.

“It leaped across the road in two jumps,” the report continues.

“When it hit the shoulder it looked back at me,” the witness adds. “I said to myself out loud “f—-ng Bigfoot!

The Creature ‘Disappears’ Into The Darkness

According to reports, the creature disappeared into the darkness just as quickly as it appeared; vanishing into the night.

But, the witness says, it is a sight they will never forget.

“It was very large and even though it was hunched over nearly horizontal it still was close to being wider than my car,” the eyewitness explains. “And nearly to the top of my windshield.”

Witness Is Not Alone In His Experience

According to reports, the eyewitness notes that since his own experience others have mentioned he is not alone. Locals have told them that “hunters, fisherman and barge operators have had multiple sightings in that area.”

According to reports, the locals believe that a “clan of Bigfoot” lives in the area. But, the report notes, “they are not threatening to humans.”

An investigator with the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFO) says this particular witness is a very reliable one.

“This is a very reliable sighting,” says BFO’s Matthew Moneymaker.

“I spoke extensively with the witness by phone,” the Bigfoot expert adds.

“Has been a design engineer for the past 38 years designing parts for custom welding machines,” Moneymaker says of the witness. “He is married and has two kids in college.”