Republican National Convention Reports No Attendees Contracted COVID-19 at Charlotte Event

Republican National Convention officials released a new report that says follow-up surveys with attendees revealed no one was infected with COVID-19 while at the event in Charlotte, NC.

Officials expected the new report to reveal whether new infections occurred because of the event. Officials drastically reduced attendance because of the coronavirus pandemic. New findings on the RNC also detailed strenuous COVID-19 safety measures and testing implemented during the event.

The report counted 252 delegates and members who took follow-up surveys to track COVID-19 infections. However, as many as 800 officials were at the event, along with another 400 support staff.

Previously, Mecklenburg County health officials said four people at the RNC tested positive for COVID-19. They included two attendees and two support staff who tested positive during screenings as they arrived at the convention. Therefore officials asked 14 other people that came into contact with the four positive cases to quarantine. Since then, there have been no reported positive tests in connection with the RNC in Charlotte.

Further Details of the New Republican National Convention Report

The new report states “inconsistent” compliance with face-covering regulations in suggestions for future events. Those suggestions included reminders for attendees to wear masks, and for events to have more staff and time to plan.

The RNC required face masks and asked delegates to stay six feet apart. However, those in attendance at the Charlotte Convention Center did not always follow restrictions. In fact, many times delegates clamored to the stage or gathered in close-knit groups. And many at the event did not wear masks while inside.

RNC plans showed that attendees had regular health screenings that included “daily symptom tracking” and temperature checks. With the help of local health care workers, the RNC deployed rapid antigen COVID-19 testing. RNC officials also utilized high-tech badges to track close contacts in the event of a positive coronavirus case.

On Aug. 25, Mecklenburg Public Health Director Gibbie Harris assured Charlotte residents there were “no known incidences during the 5 days of RNC meetings in Charlotte where the public has potentially been exposed to an individual involved in the event (local or otherwise) who may have tested positive for COVID.”

The RNC report described the obstacles of hosting a large in-person gathering in the middle of the pandemic.

Additionally, the report showed that event plans changed numerous times. The location of where President Donald Trump would be nominated was changed. Officials also changed how many people could attend.

“As a general statement, more time in the planning process would have been preferable and would have enhanced operational areas of event execution,” the RNC report read. “The majority of the issues stemmed from the basic fact that there was no pre-existing road map to successful event planning in the midst of a global pandemic.”

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