Russell Wilson Claims He’s Better Than Tim Tebow at Baseball

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson isn’t holding back on his fastball. He says that he is better at baseball than Tim Tebow.

Wilson, who has a Super Bowl ring to his name, said he could handle himself on the diamond if he wasn’t tossing long passes to DK Metcalf.

“Who’s the better baseball player, you or Tim Tebow?” a co-host of Barstool Sports’ “Pardon My Take” podcast asks.

“Ooh, ooh that’s a good question,” Russell Wilson replies. “I’ma, I’ma gonna go with me. I’m gonna go with me. I can turn a mean double play, too. I don’t know about him.

“I haven’t seen him play,” Wilson said, “but, you know I think if I played and had really focused on baseball out of high school, man. I was going to be a top pick out of high school, y’know, and then I turned it down. I ended up getting drafted late, but I always feel like baseball is my best sport.”

Russell Wilson Calls Baseball One Of His Best Sports

“Hold on, hold on,” another of the show’s hosts said. “This is always the cop-out. ‘You know, I’m one of the best quarterbacks ever but my real good sport is baseball.’”

“Well let me tell you why,” Wilson replies. “When I was in high school, y’know I was one of the top players in the country and everything else. I went to some of these camps and, actually, at one of them my roommate was (former San Francisco Giants pitcher) Madison Bumgarner. We played on the same team and stuff like that, but you know baseball was actually my love. I’d played that since I was young. That sport was probably one of my best sports.”

Wilson played football and baseball at North Carolina State until, eventually, choosing football first. While in the NFL, he’s had a chance to participate in spring training with the New York Yankees and actually get an at-bat.

Here’s how Wilson looked at the plate for the Yankees in 2018.

Tim Tebow Goes From NFL Backup To Mets’ Farm System

Tebow’s career path has been significantly different. He came out of the University of Florida after four years, winning the Heisman Trophy in his sophomore season.

He was drafted in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft by the Denver Broncos. Tebow played two seasons for Denver, most notably leading the team late to a playoff victory.

Tebow then played one season with the New York Jets before being released. He was on the practice squad for the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots, but never saw action in an NFL game again.

Seeing his pro football dreams come to an end, Tebow turned his attention back to baseball. The New York Mets signed him to a minor-league contract and he’s played parts of four seasons in that team’s minor-league system. Tebow keeps his hopes alive toward playing in the big leagues even at 33 years old.

In another role as a motivational speaker, Tebow, a Christian, spends time speaking before church groups and other organizations.

He offered a simple message to those who may be suffering from health or life issues at this time back on Nov. 29 in a tweet.