Sam Elliott Explains Why He Isn’t Close With Jeff Bridges and Other Hollywood Contemporaries

Sam Elliott’s career is long and full of classic films. He appeared in movies like A Star Is Born, Road House, The Big Lebowski, and several more. Most recently, Elliott signed on to the Yellowstone prequel series 1883. After working with so many huge stars, it would be easy to believe that Sam is a real mover and shaker. You might think that when he isn’t filming, he’s hanging out with his fellow stars. However, that’s not the life that he wants.

Sam Elliott once said that he had two goals in life. He wanted to be married and raise a family and he wanted to have an acting career. He started his movie career in the mid-sixties. Then, over three decades ago he married Katharine Ross and started to work on his other goal. They currently live a private life away from the spotlight. In a way, Elliott’s work in film is just that- work. He takes roles he believes in, plays them to the best of his ability, and goes back to his family life.

Why Sam Elliott Isn’t Close to Other Actors

Recently, Sam Elliott sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to talk about 1883 and the rest of his career. At one point, the interviewer wanted to know if Elliott was close to his fellow actors. More specifically, they wanted to know if he was friends with Jeff Bridges, star of The Big Lebowski.

“I am sure you are Big Lebowski-ed out, but I’m wondering whether you and Mr. Bridges are close, especially with his cancer scare which is thankfully in remission,” they asked.

Sam Elliott said, “It’s a very odd thing about the movie business. Number one, my wife and I have lived in Malibu for 40 years. We don’t go to town much.” Instead, Elliott says, they like keeping to themselves and usually avoid Hollywood. “It’s a double-edged sword,” he admits. “It is not good on some levels, business-wise, but it’s a choice.”

Then, Sam Elliott revealed that most of his and his wife’s friends aren’t in the entertainment business. Then he discussed why he isn’t close to his former co-stars. “It is a strange thing. You get really close with the people you work with – and then you often never see them again.” That is the case with his relationship with Jeff Bridges. “I have run into him Jeff on different occasions, and it is always like we just got off the set yesterday. We struck a chord with each other. We’re contemporaries.” Elliott added that he and Bridges share a “mutual respect and love for each other.”

Sam Elliot then expanded on how quickly that mutual respect and love formed between the two seasoned actors. “You also have to understand that I only worked two days on that film,” he said. “But it was a wonderful experience, working with the Coens and Jeff.”