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Shooting Near White House: Watch President Donald Trump Get Ushered Out by Secret Service

(photo credit: Alex Wong / Staff / Getty Images)

Secret Service agents quickly rushed President Donald Trump out of a newsroom briefing on Monday as a shooting took place near the White House. The President later reported that law enforcement officers shot an armed suspect nearby.

Upon his return, President Trump shared that he was rushed into the Oval Office by the Secret Service. “There was a shooting, law enforcement shot someone, seems to be someone, and the suspect is on the way to the hospital,” President Trump said, ABC News reports.

The shooting reportedly took place about a block northwest of the White House at 17th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue. ABC News White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl says a suspect opened fire on a non-White House employee. A Uniformed Secret Service agent then returned fire.

President Trump says the officer shot the suspect outside of the premises of the White House but close to the fence. He said “from what I understand” the suspect was armed. While the authorities learned more about the situation, Secret Service kept President Trump in the Oval Office for around nine minutes.

The President continued by adding: “It’s unfortunate that this is the world but the world has always been a dangerous place. It’s not something that’s unique.”

White House Shooting: What We Know

At this time, law enforcement remains unclear on the motive of the shooting. President Trump says “we don’t know” if the suspect mentioned a name. “It might not have had anything to do with me.”

When the briefing continued, a reporter asked President Trump what the Secret Service agent said to him. Trump responded by saying: “Just told me when he came up, you pretty much saw it like I did. He said, ‘Sir, could you please come with me?’ So, you were surprised. I was surprised, also. I think it’s probably it’s pretty unusual but very, very professional people, they all do a fantastic job, as you know.”

Despite the situation, the President says he was not rattled. “The world has always been a dangerous place,” Trump said. “That’s nothing new.”

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