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Video: Sperm Whale Trapped in Fishing Net Rescued By Italian Divers

sperm whale
Todd Cravens, Unsplash

A sperm whale was caught by a fishing net and then rescued by a group of divers. The rescue mission was captured on video and uploaded to YouTube.

The breathtaking moment happened on Friday (June 26) off the coast of Lipari, near the Aeolian Islands.

The Encounter

Two biologists were working at a turtle rehabilitation center nearby when they noticed the creature. The biologists first spotted the whale near the shore, a place where no whale should be. Biologists attempted to free the netting from its fin but were ultimately unsuccessful. The pair then called the Coast Guard who sent divers to aid in the rescue of the sperm whale.

Similarly, the divers used knives and tools to free the whale. The Lipari Coast Guard reported that it took the divers over an hour and six feet underwater to free the whale. The video clip shows the divers working diligently to remove all of the wire. Finally, the video captured the exact moment when they finished cutting the wire. The whale was freed and swam off to a nearby pod of three whales.

Authorities later found out that the netting, in question, was illegal. Authorities apprehended the suspected owners of the netting approximately 12 miles south of Alicudi. The fishing boat master was fined thousands of Euros, KFI AM reported. Authorities seized illegal fishing materials from the ship.

Watch the encounter, below.

All About Sperm Whales

Sperm whales are the largest whales and predators with teeth and weigh up to a whopping 63 tons. They also have the largest brain on Earth with their head acting as 1/3 of their total body.

On average, males are around 50 feet long. Some whales even grew up to 68 feet long! Females and young males live together in pods while adult males live solitary lives.

These creatures can dive up to 2,250 meters (7,382 feet). Their life span is on average 60-70 years, with females giving birth every 4-20 years.