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Watch: Viral Video Shows Squirrel Go Airborne on Woman in Baby Pool

(photo credit: Caleb Martin / Unsplash)

It might just be true that no good deed goes unpunished. In a hilarious new video shared on Twitter, a woman is in for a big surprise when she tries to help a squirrel that doesn’t want any part of it.

In the video, shared by Whiskey Riff, a woman in a red shirt is seen standing beside a small inflatable pool. She is in mid-panic wondering how to save a squirrel that somehow found its way in the water.

“Don’t touch him,” a woman behind the camera says. Despite the warning, the woman in the red shirt is determined to help the squirrel. “I need gloves, I have to help him,” she replies.

Hoping to lead the squirrel to safety, the woman in red decides to grab a chair. Stepping into the pool, she then tries multiple times to scoop up the squirrel. “Let me save you,” she yells repeatedly.

Finally, the little critter perches on the back of the chair. However, instead of scampering into the yard, it quickly leaps onto the woman’s chest. The woman then flails her arms and screams her way out of frame while the woman behind the camera erupts in laughter.

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