Steelers QB Mason Rudolph Dating Tennis Star Genie Bouchard: See Her Stunning Photos

After a steamy Valentine’s day getaway to Cabo, Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph and tennis star Genie Bouchard revealed that they are a couple. Well, Rudolph did at least. Bouchard, however, has not posted any pictures of her new man. From the looks of it, the two spent the holiday weekend down in Cabo San Lucas in Mexico soaking up the sun.

Genie Bouchard did, however, post a picture of herself that suggested she was on some kind of Valentine’s day vacation, she just didn’t specify with who. Is that cause for concern from the Mason Rudolph camp? Maybe, maybe not. Perhaps the tennis superstar wants to take things one step at a time before opening it up on social media.

With that said, they had reportedly started dating in the fall but had both kept their relationship away from the media. They avoided any public appearances together and stayed off of each other’s social media until Sunday. Mason Rudolph became the first to take it public with his Valentine’s day post with Genie Bouchard with the caption “My Valentine.”

“Quick vday getaway,” Genie Bouchard said in the post with a heart emoji.

This is not the only steamy picture that Genie Bouchard has posted, however. Check out some of the gorgeous photos and outfits from the women’s tennis superstar below.

Genie Bouchard, Tennis Goddess

While she spends much of her time on the tennis court, Genie Bouchard also likes to dress up every once in a while. I mean who doesn’t? Even when you don’t really have anywhere to go during quarantine, dressing up for fun never hurt anybody. Here is a shot of her in her Halloween costume from 2020.

“Who wants to play,” she teases in her caption along with a string of emojis. This playful and provocative attitude shows up often on her social media. While she may be an intense professional athlete, she also likes to have fun. Her fun and flirty attitude definitely keep her fans entertained on social media.

Here’s another shot of the Canadian tennis pro showing off what a professional athlete’s workout and diet does to the body. She posted the picture last year, but it seems to have been taken for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition back in 2018. Check out some of her other outfits for the Genie Bouchard Sports Illustrated Swimsuit photoshoot in Aruba here.

“Gotta post a glam shot every once in a while,” Genie Bouchard said in the caption. She certainly makes sure to give her fans a “glam shot” on Instagram on a semi-regular basis. With that said, she might be sharing a few glam shots with her new boyfriend in the neat future. Or maybe not, she certainly hasn’t shown interest in doing so thus far.

Fun and Flirty

While she has spent plenty of time in the spotlight for her tennis skills, Genie Bouchard has also made a name for herself outside of the sport. For instance, she set up a date with social media personality Bob Menery earlier in 2020. While the date between Bouchard and Menery supposedly stayed pretty PG with a six-foot distancing rule enforced by Bouchard, she actually gained a lot of popularity from it. In fact, she admitted to Menery that she went on a date with someone who only found out about her because of the social media hype.