‘Survivor 42’ Contestants Reveal How Season Will Go

Survivor 42 is just over a week away from airing. Contestants gave their predictions for the season before playing the game.

Here’s how the Survivor 42 contestants predicted the season would go down in an interview with Entertainment Weekly:

Some played it safe, just saying that it’s going to be quite a “wild ride.” Which, it’s Survivor, so of course. It’s kind of like predicting Jeff Probst will be there.

But others had some unique ideas about how the game would go down. Tori Meehan, for instance, who comes from a family of superfans, had a fun prediction about the season.

“We’re about to have the first woman to ever win five individual immunity challenges in one season,” she predicted. “It’s going to happen. Men have done it. Therefore, it is going to happen someday.”

Four different women have won four immunity challenges. Kelly Wiglesworth won four during the Survivor: Borneo season. Kim Spradlin did so in the One World season. Jenna Morasca won four immunity challenges in The Amazon. Chrissy Hofbeck did so in Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers. Two of these four women came out of their seasons with the coveted Sole Survivor Title.

Meehan also said that if a Woman is going to do it eventually, why shouldn’t it be her?

“Why can’t that be me? So that’s one of my goals. It’s lofty, but I also know how to create goals with clients. That’s what I do in therapy. They have to be realistic, measurable. You have to be to do them, you have to have a path to get there. So I’ve done a lot of training, a lot of studying past challenges. So that’s a bold prediction that I really hope comes true. We’ll see!”

Other ‘Survivor 42’ Contestants Also Had Unique Predictions

Seeing a woman take those five immunity challenge wins would be awesome. But that’s far from the only unique guess. Swati Goel theorized that “Maybe there won’t be tribes. Maybe we’ll just get out and go straight into the individual game.”

But Goel was wrong there, even though that would have been incredibly interesting. The Survivor 42 contestants will be divided into three tribes of six.

Other contestants guessed that there’ll be plenty of double eliminations coming their way this season. Last season had one right away, seeing two tribes have to go to council and vote off one of their own.

If you want to catch the next season of Survivor, you can tune in to CBS on Wednesday, March 9th at 8/7 central for a special two-hour-long premiere that’ll see these contestants immediately divided into tribes and begin playing the game.