‘Survivor 42’: A Spear Fisherman Wants to Make History on the Show

If you don’t have the next season of “Survivor” start date memorized, now is the time to write it down or schedule it to record. The show comes back for Season 42 starting on Wednesday, March 9.

The popular CBS survival show will feature an all-new group of contestants competing for a chance to get the title of Sole Survivor and all the cash that goes along with it. In the typical “Survivor” style, we will see the group get divided into different tribes at the start of the show.

They will deal with hard challenges, backstabbing, and other twists and turns producers decided to include this time around to eventually get into the individual part of the show. One contestant is determined to make history.

As soon as he set foot on the island, Jonathan Young shared he wants to win more immunity challenges than anyone ever has. He’s got physical strength on his side, thanks to his passion for spear-fishing. He does this daily and has also claimed he’s been preparing for this moment for over a decade.

Clearly, Jonathan is going to be an asset on a team due to his physical strength. However, this can paint a target on his back very early in the competition. Unless he proves he’s more than just a powerful body, he’ll likely get voted off. He’s got to use his social skills to prove he’s also a good team member. Although, if he wins enough immunity challenges maybe he won’t have to lean on that so much.

Young is a 29-year-old who lives in Alabama and is a Beach Service Co. Owner.

“I don’t believe my size is the come-all-be-all. I’m not going to approach this game as a big guy … with my tribe, what I want to do is serve,” he said during his CBS interview. Between strength, some Southern charm, and a devotion to making life effortless at camp, Young has more than enough to offer.

Well, to beat that immunity challenge goal, Young is going to have to have to get more than eight wins. Terry Deitz from the twelfth season of the show, “Survivor: Panama — Exile Island,” won eight individual challenges in a single season. That’s not going to be easy to beat, either.

Another Contestant on ‘Survivor’ Has a Similar Goal

Jonathan Young isn’t the only “Survivor” contestant with some big goals going into the competition.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, contestants made predictions about what will go down on the island. Everyone had something unique to say, but Tori Meehan’s prediction sticks out the most.

“We’re about to have the first woman to ever win five individual immunity challenges in one season. It’s going to happen. Men have done it. Therefore, it is going to happen someday,” Meehan said to the news outlet.

There are four different women that have won four immunity challenges in one season. That includes Kim Spradlin, Chrissy Hofbeck, Kelly Wiglesworth, and Jenna Morasca. It will likely happen eventually and she has a point — why not now?

“A woman’s gonna do it, so why not me? Why can’t that be me? So that’s one of my goals. It’s lofty, but I also know how to create goals with clients,” Meehan also said.