‘Swamp People’ Star T-Roy Broussard Shows Off His ‘Swamp Princess’ and 10.5-Foot Alligator She Hunted

Swamp People‘s Troy Broussard may have retired from the show, but he and his daughter are far from done gator hunting in Texas!

“My little swamp princess nailed a 10-1/2 footer this morning!!” Broussard posts to Twitter Tuesday morning. Within, we see his young daughter, Mallory, with her huge harvest: an absolute beast of a 10.5-foot alligator!

If Mallory keeps this up (which Outsider has no doubt she will), then she’s on track to out-gator-hunt ol’ papa T-Roy Broussard! Check out her gargantuan harvest for yourself below, one that’s sure to make her fellow Swamp People proud:

How’s that for a winning smile and trophy?

Swamp People‘s Troy Broussard has been keeping fans up to date on his gator season down in Texas via Twitter, too. In a series of three tweets earlier this September, the gator hunter updates fans on his harvests so far. And as we expect, Team Broussard is pulling in some absolute monsters!

First up is this big boy: an 11 foot, 3-inch long alligator from the swamps of Texas. This beast was Broussard’s first harvest for the 2021 core season, and it’s safe to say he started off with a behemoth bang.

“Mess with the best, get tagged like the rest,” T-Roy captions the shot. Within, it appears Mallory herself is hanging out beside the beast. Well, standing, rather. It’s the gator that’s doing all the hanging:

Mallory is setting some new Outsider goals with her gator hunting gear, here. She’s dressed to impress!

‘Swamp People’ Icon Troy Broussard Has a Fantastic Start to Texas’ Core Gator Season

His days on the hit History Channel show may be behind him, but Troy Broussard will be a gator hunter ’til his last breath. His updates continue to prove it with this second catch from Texas’ core gator season.

In his“Epic day two” shot from the 2021 Texas core season, we see Team Broussard standing proud with another 10+ foot monster gator displayed. Below this giant, another full harvest of a half-dozen gators await processing. But not without a photo first:

Yet Team Broussard would completely outdo themselves with their biggest gators on “day three.”

And, of course, they’ve got the photos to prove it.

“Day three wasn’t a slouch either!!!!” T-Roy says tongue-in-cheek via Twitter Sept. 13. In the post, we see the Swamp People family holding up two absolutely mammoth gators. Each is a killer prize (literally? Too soon?) in their own right.

Look closely, too, and you’ll see a whole other set of smaller gators piled up between the Swamp People family. Now that’s a day’s harvest, right there:


Now, we know these images may shock some, but an Outsider knows that hunting is a direct element of both nature and conservation. But only when it’s executed correctly, fairly, and by carefully-crafted laws.

America hosts a very healthy alligator population, and hunting seasons are in place to both help maintain these populations as well as fund other important conservation work.

So keep at it, T-Roy and Mallory, and keep that Swamp People legacy alive.