Taxidermists See Increase in Deer Mount Purchases This Year: ‘Great for Future of Hunting’

This year has been a great one for taxidermists as they’ve been seeing an increase in business. Some might say it’s the trying times as people are seeking to get outdoors more, others say it’s the weather.

According to the New York newspaper Finger Lakes Times, this taxidermist is seeing an uptick in revenue.

“I am seeing younger hunters who are spending more money,” Randy Stewart, owner of Clingerman Taxidermy says, “and there have been more women bringing deer to me. This is great for the future of hunting.”

“I have seen three generations at Clingerman,” he said. “I have done work for grandpas, fathers and sons and daughters.”

Stewart has been in the taxidermy business for 34 years and has seen all types of hunting seasons. He explains that after the warm weather fades, because hunters don’t want to deal with bugs, Stewart’s predicting another great year.

“During the bow season I have seen older bucks, 3-4 years old,” he said. “This was before the rut, so the regular gun season should be the same.”

Stewart continues to say that he’s seen more bucks during the crossbow season. Not only does Stewart mount deer, but he also shares that he’s seen an increase in elk as well.

“I know we are discussing deer, but this is my best year for elk,” he says. “I have taken in 10 racks already. They will be high-quality mounts. They are from Pennsylvania and Colorado.”

Taxidermists are Booked and Busy

A Michigan taxidermist tells the local news that they aren’t taking any more deer this year as they’re also seeing an increase in customers wanted to get their prize mounted. However, don’t get discouraged if you’re turned away. A simple search will help you find another company that can get the job done.

Pennsylvania is also another hot spot for deer taxidermy. Go Erie reports that many hunters have found solace in their hobby during the COVID-19 pandemic, and are bringing in their harvests to get mounted.