Taylor Swift Overjoyed After Dolly Parton Mentions Her in Acceptance Speech: ‘I need Nothing Else for My Birthday’

Dolly Parton highlights Taylor Swift and other women who “take control of their own business.”

As she accepted the Hitmaker Award at the 2020 Billboard Women in Music, Parton figuratively tipped her bedazzled cowgirl hat to successful women in the music world. Parton celebrated many women who sing and write in country music. Taylor Swift was included in the list, to which Swift responded with a grateful tweet. Swift posted, ” I need nothing else for my birthday this year. Or any other year. Ever. This is it. I love you Dolly.”

Dolly Parton Acknowledges Women Who Write And Sing

Not only did Dolly Parton acknowledge her own accomplishments during her acceptance speech, but she took the time to build up other women who are music-writing greats.

“I’m very appreciative of this. I’ve been with Billboard for so many years, had so many hits on the charts there and I’m very grateful for that. Of course, I’m proud of all of the wonderful women in show business that write all of these wonderful songs,” Dolly Parton said.

She continued to list women she admires.

“I’d like to acknowledge a few – some of them older, kind of back in my day. Cindy Walker, who wrote some of the greatest songs ever. And, of course, Loretta Lynn, wonderful, wonderful songwriter. In this day and time, of course, Taylor Swift, she’s just right up there, probably number one. And of course, Brandi Carlile, there’s just so many” Dolly Parton said. “I think it’s so important that we acknowledge the women that write and sing in country music. And I think it’s also very important that they take control of their own business.”

This isn’t the first time Parton has spoken for women’s empowerment. During a speech at the inaugural Red Tent Women’s Conference in downtown Nashville, Parton told women to dream bigger.

“I really encourage you to dream more and dream big and certainly to care more,” Parton said. “Living in America and, of course, just being women in general, we’ve got more strength than we think we do,” Dolly Parton continued. “I have a great love and a great respect for women, in general, and I write a lot about the things that move me and touch me.”