‘The Brady Bunch’: One Actor Said ‘Hard Feelings’ Amongst Cast Came ‘Much Later’ Than Show’s Original Run

When it came to The Brady Bunch, one of the youngest cast members said he always thought his TV family was happy in real life, too.

But it was only decades later that Mike Lookinland, who played Bobby Brady, figured out there might have been issues on the set. Or maybe no one had a problem until they read each other’s tell-alls, when they told all, even the stuff that wasn’t so evident so many decades ago.

“I think if there were any rivalries or hard feelings, they came much later, Lookinland said in 2015 in an interview with the Sydney (Australia) Morning Herald. “People publishing things in books that maybe others didn’t take kindly too, kiss and tell stories.

“We didn’t really bicker, that I recall, during the production of the show,” he said. “But there’s some animosity in 2015 that I’m aware of. I don’t join in. I like everyone.”

Lookinland Said Brady Bunch Kids Were Close On Set. They Were Only Children In Studio

Lookinland probably had the attitude of a typical, happy-go-lucky, kid brother. He said one reason the group was so tight was because they were the only kids on the set.

“We weren’t just young, we were the only young ones in that environment,” Lookinland said of his Brady Bunch brothers and sisters. “Everyone else was an adult doing their job in this studio. We were the only children there, so that created an even tighter bond.”

Susan Olsen, who played Cindy, was the youngest in the cast. She was just shy of 8 when she earned a spot on the Brady Bunch. Then came Lookinland, who was 8 when he started playing Bobby.

There’s another Brady Bunch fun fact about Bobby. Once he joined the cast, he had to dye his hair dark so that he would look like the son of Mike Brady and younger brother of Greg and Peter. Lookinland was the lone non-brunette of the bunch. He had reddish-colored hair, although he wasn’t a true blonde like his step sisters.

“If you had freckles and red hair in 1968, you would get work,” he said. “But Bobby didn’t have red hair, he had black hair. They dyed my hair black for the show, which was odd at the time. It was a strange experience but it was fun to have the other kids there.”

After the Brady Bunch went off the air in 1974, Lookinland graduated high school, then went to the University of Utah, his home state. He dropped out of school and decided to work behind the camera. But he still was Bobby Brady for years. There were six Brady Bunch reunion shows, including a Very Brady Renovation on HGTV in 2019.

And everybody probably got along.