The Marty Smith Podcast #17 – Chase Rice

 Chase Rice grabbed the attention of the world in 2010 as a contestant on Survivor: Nicaragua. However, he has done a little bit of everything over the years. Rice played linebacker for UNC. Additionally, he was a pit crew member for Hendrick Motorsports. Country music fans, however, know him as part of the writing team behind Florida Georgia Line’s “Cruise,” or his own chart-topping album Ignite the Night. Marty Smith, however, affectionately calls him the Forrest Gump of Country Music because of all the things he’s done in his life.

Recently, Chase Rice stopped by Outsider studio for an episode of The Marty Smith Podcast. They talked about his success in Nashville, the writing process on his upcoming album, and more.

Highlights from Chase Rice’s Conversation with Marty Smith

Chase Rice saw huge success with “Cruise.” Looking back, Rice sees that song as his biggest blessing as well as his biggest curse. Chase told Marty Smith that his early success took him away from what he wanted to do when he moved to Music City.

Initially, Chase Rice wanted to write songs on his guitar. After the success of “Cruise,” he stopped doing that. Instead, he started writing songs that would make a crowd go crazy. He went on to say that he knew his songs were successful, but he “didn’t love,” most of his work.

However, the pandemic allowed him to take a break from touring and live a normal life. More importantly, it allowed him to get back to what he wanted to do when he came to Nashville. Now, Chase Rice wants to sing about, “real stuff.”

Did Marty Smith Just Land a Co-Writer Credit?

Chase Rice and Marty Smith spent the bulk of the interview discussing Rice’s writing process. His upcoming album will be full of songs inspired by real stories and conversations. Chase said that everyone who inspired him to write will get co-writer credits on the album. At one point, Marty pitched Chase a song.

Marty told Chase Rice that he pitched a song to Rhett Akins a month or two ago. The song would be called, “She’s the Proof,” and it centers around how much a good woman can inspire a man to greatness. When Rice found out that Akins blew Marty off, he was shocked. Not only did he say he was down to write the song, he added, “We should bring [Casey] Beathard in on that, too.” He concluded, “Rhett just missed one right there, for real.”

To hear more about Chase Rice’s growth as a man as well as an artist, check out the full episode. You don’t want to miss it.

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