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‘The Voice:’ Watch Kelly Clarkson Explain Why She Loves Christmas Carolers in Latest Interview Clip

(Photo Credit: Kevin Winter/BBMA2020 / Contributor/ Getty Images)

Kelly Clarkson knows the quaint caroling images. We all do, too.

We watch the holiday movies. They all feature carolers singing in the snow. The harmonies are ear-pleasingly precise. There are always bells. It looks so charming.

But do you want them around in real life, especially in an ongoing pandemic, as a sound track for what can be a hectic holiday season?

Clarkson wants you to know she’s pro-caroler. She loves them. The star and coach on “The Voice” empathizes with the singers, too, the ones who know all the words to “We Three Kings” or “Good King Wenceslas.”

Clarkson cherishes carolers because she used to be one of them. She shared her love through Twitter on Thursday in a clip featuring holiday thoughts from the rest of the coaches on “The Voice.” Music superstars Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani and John Legend all talked about Christmas memories.

No one but Clarkson mentioned carolers. That’s cool. Clarkson is a gushing, positive presence in the caroler corner.

“I love Christmas carolers,” Clarkson said. “But I was also a caroler. I grew up doing that. We’d go door to door. People probably hated us.

Then Clarkson added some extra emphasis to her next thought. Maybe she remembered an incident from her childhood in the suburbs of Dallas-Fort Worth.

“Whatever,” she said. “We were spreading cheer.”

Kelly Clarkson Is Really Into The Season

Clarkson records Christmas albums. She released new holiday music earlier this year. And she stars in Christmas shows. It’s her deal. Tis the Clarkson season. Check out her singing to celebrate the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center Wednesday night.

On Monday, Clarkson showed off her Christmas carol knowledge in a challenge with fellow American Idol alum Tori Kelly.

Clarkson incorporated the carols into a segment on her daily talk show. She called it “From Kelly to Kelly.” The challenge was to know all the words. The selected songs were “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing,” “O Christmas Tree” and “We Three Kings.”

All that quaint carol training came in handy.