HomeNewsThese Luxury Nuclear Bunkers in Kansas Are Ridiculously Decked-Out Featuring Swimming Pools, Gun Ranges: Take a Video Tour

These Luxury Nuclear Bunkers in Kansas Are Ridiculously Decked-Out Featuring Swimming Pools, Gun Ranges: Take a Video Tour

Bunker blast door in FEMA Fed. Support Facility, (nuclear) doomsday regional govs. & fed. officials civilian relocation site until mid 1980's, now FEMA facility. (Photo by William F. Campbell/Getty Images)

Outsiders: If you’re going to wait out the end of the world, you might as well do it in style. And as this insane video tour shows, this converted nuclear bunker has no shortage of style – or comfort.

From a computer-controlled saltwater waterfall pool to a full bar and seven levels of luxury condos, this is far from what most think of when the word “bunker” is thrown around. We, humans, are so used to surface-dwelling that the thought of bringing everything we love underground often feels like a foreign concept. Until you see it first-hand.

“When the nuclear apocalypse comes, are we going to get blasted back into the Stone Age? Or, can we use our heads and survive the end of days with the help of technology?” asks CNET’s Claire Reilly. It’s a question many of us Outsiders have thought about before. But not like this.

In Episode 2 of the network’s Hacking the Apocalypse, Reilly goes in-depth (literally) into a Cold War bunker that’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen. It’s so top-secret, in fact, that she can’t even touch on its location outside of, well, Kansas.

In episode two of Hacking the Apocalypse, Claire Reilly looks at the risk of an all-out nuclear war and tours a Cold-War era missile silo that’s now a luxury escape bunker.

Inside the doomsday bunker for the super rich

‘Inside the Doomsday Bunker for the Super Rich’

There’s a lot to digest in this 15+ minute showcase, too. I’ll be the first to admit that I spent little time worrying over the end of days, as it feels better to live life while we have it. From this point of view, bunker owner Larry Hall seems like he’s literally banking on the end of the world. But he’s at least doing it with a bar. And a library.

Oh, and a shooting range, too.

“You can come down and shoot everything from handguns up to 308 caliber sniper rifles in here,” Hall says with a smile. Might as well keep your marksmanship up to snuff for when the raiders come a’knockin’ on your 8-ton bunker doors, right?

“With proper supervision and trained personnel, of course,” he continues. Wait – is this bunker fully staffed at all times, so such individuals exist when nothing else does? And what happens when the generators quit after the power grid is blown to shreds? I have so many questions.

“This is gonna be one of those vaults where you only find skeleton and audio logs of people that went crazy,” Epic Ghandi comments on YouTube. Yep. That about sums it up.

But hey, at least those super-rich skeletons will have gone down with their own cinema, climbing wall, and… Classrooms for the bunker’s next generation…

There is, at least, some absolutely fascinating history and science at play in this episode. It’s worth a view above. But for the meantime, let’s focus on keeping our brilliant blue planet alive, yes? Yes.