Tim Allen Shares Photo from ‘The Santa Clause’: ‘It’s That Time of Year’

Christmas is coming fast this year and all of the signs of the season are upon us. Winter’s chill is in the air, snow is falling, and the temperature finally dropped below seventy in the south. Also, Tim Allen is posting throwback pictures from his time as the man in the red suit.

Allen might just be the most iconic Santa Clause of our time. His Twitter has been peppered with Christmas cheer since early November. A couple of weeks before Thanksgiving, he posted a selfie sporting a beard that rivaled St. Nick’s with a caption alluding to his tenure as the sleigh-driving holiday hero.

Tim Allen Is Santa Clause for Many Fans

Allen has played Santa more than anyone in recent memory. In his latest tweet, he shared a picture of him as the villainous Toy Santa from the second film in the “Santa Clause” franchise.

When Allen posted the throwback from “The Santa Clause 2,” fans couldn’t hold in their excitement. Many see the “Santa Clause” trilogy as required watching around the holidays. According to the Twitter replies, some fans are already getting in the spirit.

One fab added Allen’s other Christmas flick to their watch list as well. For them, it’s a Tim Allen Christmas.

If you’re looking to add Allen’s “Santa Clause” trilogy to your holiday watch list, you can find the movies on Disney+.