Tim Allen Talks Performing Comedy Amid Global Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all of our lives in one way or another. That goes especially so for all of the comedians out there — just ask Tim Allen.

If there is an entertainer out there who knows just how disruptive the COVID-19 pandemic has been over the last couple of years, it’s without a doubt Tim Allen. The fan-favorite actor and stand-up comedian has seen the ripple effects of the virus in every avenue of his work. For all of you Last Man Standing fans out there, you probably remember that the show had its own setbacks. It was just another on a long list of television shows on Fox that got disrupted and/or were forced to miss episodes thanks to COVID.

However, one thing people don’t always think about is how the pandemic has affected stand-up comedians. Tim Allen spoke with WPTV’s T.A. Walker about the challenges comedians face performing in today’s COVID-19 environment. One of the first things he mentioned was how wearing masks can make it difficult to tell whether or not a joke is landing.

“[It’s a] big difference for a comedian to hear that muffled laugh,” Allen explained. “It wasn’t satisfying because it seemed like people didn’t like it. ‘No,’ they said, ‘You got a standing ovation.’”

The Home Improvement and Last Man Standing star talked about how he has to adjust his expectations based on where he’s performing and whether or not masks are required. One of the hardest parts about the entire thing is how sensitive a subject COVID-19 is. Allen’s entire job is to make people laugh but it’s been hard to do that given how serious and impactful the pandemic has been.

Tim Allen Believes That ‘People Are Ready to Move On’

Tim Allen has been navigating his day-to-day duties both as a comedian and as an actor. He comes across and meets a lot of different people in his line of work, and from what he can see, people are getting tired of the pandemic.

“Without saying it, I feel people [are] ready to move on [from COVID-19],” he said. “Even though [the pandemic] may or may not be over, we’re over. We got it, we got it. We got to live our lives and move on and [that’s with] all due respect for the people in pain and the people that have suffered with this, that’s with all due respect for that. That said, you’re going to have to move on.”

It’s clear that Allen knows how serious COVID-19 really is, but he also believes we need to put the divisiveness behind us.

“But if we get to this room, the reason that we’re laughing is [because] we’ve let stuff go.”