Tim McGraw, Lori McKenna Explain Writing of ‘Humble and Kind’: It Started As A Lesson for Children

When a songwriter sits down and puts pen to paper, there’s always a message to convey. Tim McGraw uses his voice to turn this song into a winner.

Lori McKenna put those words down, McGraw put his voice to them, and they became into the Grammy Award-winning “Humble and Kind.”

“I wrote ‘Humble and Kind’ for my five kids one day and I sent it to McGraw,” McKenna says, “who brought the song to such a beautiful and amazing level.”

Lori McKenna Sees Little Prayer Become Major Hit Song

The song simply started out as a little prayer for her kids, McKenna says, and McGraw made it into a big, beautiful moment.

“I can’t tell you how overwhelming it is for me to hear a song that I wrote for my kids to come out of Tim’s mouth,” she says. “I mean, Tim brought this song to life and made it such a universal message.”

McGraw says the message of that song and its scope “grows exponentially in the world that we live in now.”

“I think we certainly had a sense of that when we recorded the song of what it said,” he says. “I mean, it started out as a kind of microscope into your life, into your world, and how you teach your kids and what you want your kids to learn from you.”

McGraw and McKenna share their thoughts on the song that earned the Grammy for Best Country Song of 2016.

Tim McGraw Hopes Song Lets People See Others Better

It is McGraw’s desire that “people, in general, need to look at each other differently than they look at each other now.”

“(The song) turned into this sort-of world view of how the world needs to look at each other,” he says.

He also says that with so much divisiveness happening around everyone, maybe “we all could use a little grace and we could look at each other with a little humility and kindness.

“I think that song’s taken on more and more meaning, and I think it’s grown because of that,” McGraw says.

With Christmas just around the corner, “Humble and Kind” and the song’s message fits into the hopes of this time of year.

McGraw and his wife, country singer Faith Hill, are looking forward to Christmas, too. He especially says that one of his favorite songs happens to be Hill’s recording of “Where Are You Christmas?” Hill recorded this song for the movie version of Dr. Seuss’ “How The Grinch Stole Christmas,” starring Jim Carrey as The Grinch, in 2000.

McGraw adds one final touch about “Humble and Kind.”

“It’s one of those songs that I perform now that I think that, yes, it’s for the audience and I’m singing it and everybody’s into it,” he says. “But I think it’s got a bigger megaphone than that and I don’t think I’m the megaphone, I think the song is.”