Tommy Lee Drinks Mötley Crüe Hot Sauce, Pours on Ice Cream in New ‘Hot Sauce Challenge’

Wildcard Tommy Lee likes things hot, especially his food. On Saturday, he took to social media to promote his limited edition Mötley Crüe hot sauce set. Even though the Mötley Crüe drummer is nearing 60, the badass rocker proved he’s nowhere near slowing down.

The Mötley Crüe member narrates a Tik Tok clip as he describes his six new hot sauces’ flavors and heat levels.

In the clip, Lee excitedly demonstrates the versatility of the hot sauces when he says, “pour some on your burger” and that you can even “take shots of it.” He also wows viewers when he eats vanilla ice cream with the hot sauce on it.

Lee released the new line of hot sauces earlier this month and it’s becoming a success. According to his website, the set has already sold out

Tommy Lee’s Gives Fans Six Spicy Sauces to Choose From

In the set, customers receive six sauces, with their own unique flavors and heat. The extremely spicy “Shout At The Devil Extra Hot Sauce” includes “fresh carrots, onions, garlic, and a hint of lime juice with the habanero.”

For less heat, Lee recommends going with the “Live Wire Hot Sauce” which includes the same flavors as the “Shout At The Devi Extra Hot Sauce.”

The “Dr. Feelgood Jalapeno Hot Sauce” is a mild hot sauce with “robust flavor” that “captures the essence of the jalapeno.”

“Coupled the Scorpion Pepper with a vegetable base,” the “Primal Scream Scorpion Pepper Hot Sauce” doesn’t sacrifice flavor for heat. But Lee warns customers, saying, “Be prepared – this is a HOT one!”

The garlic version of the “Shout At The Devil Extra Hot Sauce” is the “Wild Side Garlic Hot Sauce.” It’s a mild heat level with a natural-hot flavor.

Finally, Lee offers the “Home Sweet Home Mango Pepper Hot Sauce,” which is also a milder sauce. It has a “sweet, robust mango flavor” with a habanero taste.” Lee says this makes it ideal for “basting, marinates and salad dressings.”