Troy Aikman Believes Dallas Cowboys Should Resign Dak Prescott Quickly

If the Dallas Cowboys want Dak Prescott to hang around, then they better resign him ASAP, according to Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman.

Now Aikman knows a thing or two about playing quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys as he led the team to its last Super Bowl victory. Aikman stayed with the team throughout his Pro Football Hall of Fame career. Prescott has been with the Cowboys for all of his young career, too.

He also knows how it looks to other NFL teams when a talented quarterback like Prescott is out there without a contract. Meaning, Prescott could become a free agent if he’s not gotten a new contract before next season ends.

“They’re not going very far without a franchise quarterback,” Aikman said in an interview with The Dallas Morning News. “They’ve got that in Dak.

Dak Prescott Price Tag Goes Up, Troy Aikman Says

“I think the price tag went up,” Aikman said. Prescott suffered a season-ending ankle injury in Week 5. Andy Dalton, Ben DiNucci, and Garrett Gilbert had to fill in the gap at quarterback for the Cowboys. That didn’t turn out too well as the team finished 6-10 for the season. “I think Dak’s leverage went up after this year.

“I’d be really surprised if he’s playing under the franchise tag again this year,” Aikman said. “My guess is that if he is, then that will be the last we see of Dak Prescott.”

In other words, don’t expect Prescott to be wearing a Silver-and-Blue helmet with the famous Dallas star emblem on it without a new deal.

Both Prescott and the Cowboys are talking different languages when it comes to a new contract. They are very far apart.

The Cowboys can use the franchise tag again for 2021, raising Prescott’s salary to $37.7 million. Aikman told the Morning News that it could be detrimental to his future in Dallas.

What will happen to Prescott? It remains to be seen but time is of the essence for both Dak Prescott and Cowboys team owner Jerry Jones.

Prescott MIA From Cowboys’ Offseason Hype Video

Whether you take this as a sign or not, it’s interesting that Dak Prescott is not even in a new Dallas Cowboys’ offseason hype video.

Every NFL team pretty much puts out a video highlighting different star players, giving their fans something to whet their appetite. Now, fans definitely want Prescott back with the Cowboys.

Remember that anything the Dallas Cowboys do will be looked at under a microscope. A lot of that is due to the love-hate relationship many NFL die-hards have around Jones.

So, when Dallas fans get their eyeballs on this video and don’t see Prescott as a major part of it, then emotions will run high.

It’s important for the Cowboys’ organization to give their fans something, anything, to look forward to after such an appalling 2020 season. Jones, as usual, has his eyes set on winning Super Bowl. But it is going to be a challenge without a franchise quarterback like Prescott in the pocket.