Twitter Is Losing It Over The 1,400 lb Winner of 2020’s Fat Bear Week

Fat Bear Week 2020 has come to a close – the winner has been crowned – and Twitter is absolutely in love with the enormous 1,400 pound victor.

Glory be to Fat Bear Week. And glory be to the new “King of Chonk!”Though it has come to a close once again, 2020’s tournament saw record voting numbers, and some of the fattest bears to ever gorge themselves before hibernation.

To refresh: For an entire week, a single-elimination tournament is held by the fine folks at Katmai National Park in Alaska. The tournament is simple: enormous, ridiculously hefty brown bears will ravage the Brooks River in search of salmon. They will, in turn, absolutely gorge themselves on their favorite fishy delicacy – and become even more enormous to prepare for winter hibernation.

The best part? As these gigantic grizzlies do so – we get to watch every. Single. Bit. That’s right – Fat bear Week consists of a live broadcast of the hunger-bear games in which we’re treated to seven glorious days of gluttony.

Once the bears are as fattened as a bear can possibly be – we, the citizens of America – and the world – get to vote on our favorite rotund king or queen of beardom.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, voting has come to a close and 2020’s winner is here. And he is massive.

“King of Chonk”, Bear 747, Wins 2020’s Fat Bear Week

Citing it as “pure coincidence” that park number is 747 – i.e. a jumbo jet – Katmai National Park announced this morning that Bear 747 beat out his rival, Chunk, to become the “King of Chonk”:

And fans and followers alike are – as they should be – absolutely losing their minds over the enormity of our new king:

Even the National Park Service itself is losing it over the winner

NPS provides extra context, too, citing 747 as “one of the park’s biggest bears – estimated to weigh in at over 1,400 lbs!”

Even further context for the enormity of 747 is added by naturalist Clayton T. Lamb. Lamb says that out of the 100-ish “grizzly bears I have weighted across Canada, the largest male was 590 lbs.” That is almost a THIRD of what 747 supposedly now weighs!

Others, meanwhile, are celebrating with some of the best fan art a bear enthusiast could ever ask for:

Some, however, are giving hilarious updates on their losses:

And while Chunk was beaten by 747, “The Lost Troys” certainly has the right mindset about Fat Bear Week:

Indeed, we all win with Fat Bear Week.

A hearty congratulations from us at to Bear 747 for his well-earned, and well-eaten, victory. An even louder congrats to Alaska’s Katmai National Park for giving us the best event of 2020.

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