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Tyler Hubbard Shares Hilarious Time Lapse Video of ‘One Minute in the Life of a One-Year-Old’

(Image Group LA/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images)

Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line is taking to Instagram to show his experience of social-distancing with a one-year-old in the home.

“One minute in the life of a one year old. #parenting,” Hubbard captions the video.

Tyler Hubbard is Looking at Son Luca

The Instagram video is sped up as the toddler wanders around the house, playing on the couch, opening different doors, checking out the fridge and pantry, exploring the porch, holding his toy, and doing as much as he can while toddling around.

The Hubbard’s middle son, Luca, seems to be having the time of his life in one minute. The sweet baby dressed in a diaper goes everywhere he can, and explores everything he can get into.

Three’s Company Too

Tyler and his wife, Hayley, have three children together.

Olivia is the oldest at the age of two. Their son Luca, who is seen in the video is one. In September, the couple welcomed another baby boy named Atlas Roy into the family, as he became a part of the Hubbard clan.

The couple definitely have their hands full with all three children. They say three is enough for them right now.

Tyler Hubbard is Thankful

“We are beyond grateful for our three babies and feel confident that we’re done having children on our own,” the couple says. “We have always felt that we would like to adopt one day, if the Lord opens that door. For now our hands are full and we are so thankful.”

When it comes to being grateful during Thanksgiving, the couple has many blessings to give thanks for.

Due to the pandemic, Tyler is staying home with his family, instead of on the road touring with Florida Georgia Line.

“It has been extra nice to settle in at home as a family of five, instead of touring,” Hubbard says.