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United Airlines Offers Pilots Triple Pay To Combat Flight Cancelation Chaos

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United Airlines is offering pilots three times their original pay to overcome flight cancelations due to the Omicron variant and other factors.

Flights have been canceling like crazy. And there are multiple reasons why this keeps happening, such as rises in the Omicron variant to bad weather. It’s only a matter of time until people take huge risks and start driving to their locations, which will lose the airline industry money.

On Friday, December 31, United Airlines reported some serious news regarding flight cancelations. Furthermore, Yahoo News recorded that statement.

“United Airlines said Friday that it will offer triple pay to pilots who pick up extra flights as bad weather and Omicron variant continues to get worse.”

With thousands of trips canceled since Christmas Eve, the airlines needed to do something. So, they decided to raise the pay to see if pilots would work more hours. It’s hard to imagine not making it home for the holidays or after a long vacation.

Between December 30 and January 3, pilots will receive more than three times their starting pay.

United Airlines Triples the Starting Pay For Pilots

Firstly, pilots are said to earn three times the amount if they work extra hours between January 4 and 29.

A flight operations executive, Brian Quigley, explained how this will work in a recent press release.

And Yahoo News reported the response he gave.

“The company reached the agreement with the Airline Pilots Association in an effort to do everything we can to take care of our customers during this unfortunate time.”

Even though this is a very difficult time for travelers, the airline’s staff is working hard to keep customers happy with their service. After all, they want travelers to keep flying with them, but it’s important to keep people safe.

According to a CNBC report, “United Airlines, Delta Airlines and Alaska Airlines have canceled more than 10,000 flights since Christmas.”

With Christmas being last week, this number is incredibly high. For example, a massive snowstorm swept through the Midwest yesterday. And Denver, Colorado experienced the worst of it forcing the airport to cancel a total of 157 flights that day.

Fortunately, officials reported that pilots will continue to have the same amount of hours each shift. After all, sufficient sleep is required for pilots to fly, so they can remain alert.

“The main thing is that most pilots have room in their schedules to pick up extra shifts,” the official said in a Yahoo News report. “This gives them additional pay if they choose to participate.”

No further information has been released, but check back soon for updates.