Universal Basic Income: One State Is Giving Up to $17,000

One universal basic income program is about to close its applications. The total amount of payments is worth up to $17,000.

This guaranteed income pilot program is running out of West Hollywood, CA. Residents of the city have until Sunday, March 6 to apply. Applications for the program opened on Friday, February 25.

Only 25 people will be selected to be a part of the program. They’ll be chosen at random. Once the program has chosen its beneficiaries, payments will start going out. Since it’s a universal basic income program, payments will be recurring. The 25 people selected for the program will get $1,000 a month for 17 months. In total, participants will get $17,000.

All of the information you need to check your eligibility and to apply is available online. The program is only open for a very specific set of people, according to The Sun.

Other Areas Are Offering Universal Basic Income

West Hollywood, CA isn’t the only area offering a program like this. For residents in other cities and states, other universal basic income programs exist. They’re all different, though. The amount of money, the length of the program, and who qualifies all vary by program.

For example, struggling families in Phoenix, AZ can get monthly payments worth up to $1,000. To qualify for this program, families cannot earn more than 80% of the area’s median income.

Moms in D.C. will also be eligible for monthly payments. 132 new and expectant mothers in the area will get monthly payments worth $900.

Some States Have Multiple Programs

Many states are even offering more than one program. Since federal aid has slowed down, states and cities are deciding to offer their own help. Thus, there can be multiple programs operating in one state.

For instance, there are also other guaranteed income programs operating in CA. Los Angeles has started a UBI plan for low-income workers. Under this plan, 3,200 families will get monthly payments of $1,000 for a year. 600 families in Oakland will be getting payments of $500 for 18 months.

There are two universal basic income programs in GA. The first program will give 650 Black women monthly payments worth $850 for two years. The second one will give 300 residents in Atlanta $500 a month for a year.

A UBI plan in NY will give 2,400 artists payments of $1,000 over 18 months. Another program in NYC will give 100 mothers $1,000 a month for three years. Yet another program in Rochester will give 175 low-income families payments of $500, which will last for a year.

Lastly, there are multiple plans operating in PA. A UBI plan in Philadelphia will give 60 people $500 a month for one year. And in Pittsburgh, 200 households will get monthly payments of $500 for two years.