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U.S. Coast Guard Calls Off Search for Woman Who Fell Off Cruise Ship

(Photo by Paul McConnell/U.S. Coast Guard via Getty Images)

After more than 30 hours of searching, the U.S. Coast Guard called off the hunt for a woman that went overboard during a Carnival cruise. The Coast Guard halted their search Sunday with an announcement via Twitter about the incident.

Last week, a woman in her 20s was aboard a Carnival cruise ship where it is thought she fell overboard around 3:30 a.m. The ship’s crew was immediately alerted and when they couldn’t locate the missing woman, they called in the Coast Guard.

That search has now ended. But the public is still left with questions.

“UPDATE: #USCG and partner agencies are continuing the search for the woman who reportedly went overboard on a cruise ship near Ensenada, Mexico. The USCGC Forrest Rednour is scheduled to continue the search throughout the night. No further updates at this time,” the Coast Guard announced in a tweet December 11.

The missing woman was staying aboard the Carnival Miracle, in a fifth-floor stateroom at the time of the incident.

Concerns About Foul Play

However, not everyone aboard the cruise is in agreement that the woman’s disappearance was an accident. A firefighter aboard the same vessel named Daniel Miranda said there seemed to be something fishy about the whole event.

He told Fox News there is “some high suspicion of foul play.” The ship was about 35 miles from the coast of Mexico at the time, Miranda said.

“They had crew literally around the deck to look all the way around the ship to be able to see if somebody was out in the water. They had lights out in the water trying to flash out there, but again it’s pretty dark,” he said.

In a written statement, the Carnival company responded to the accident.

“Our thoughts are with the guest and her family, and our care team is providing support,” the statement read.

U.S. Coast Guard Bravely Attempts to Rescue Woman in Niagara Falls

In another tragic event, a woman’s car went over the 180-foot drop into the powerful Niagara Falls. During a training mission, the Coast Guard got a rescue call and responded quickly, attempting to save the life of the person trapped inside.

“About 30 minutes in the flight, we got some pictures of the on-scene conditions and what was going on with the car. Still didn’t have any confirmed people in the car yet, just knew that there was a car for sure in the water near the falls,” said Lt Chris Monacelli, the leader of the rescue crew said in an interview.

Unfortunately, when the crew got to the woman inside the car, it was apparent she was not responsive. After lifting her to safety, the woman was pronounced dead.