Verizon Debuts THOR: Massive Truck Built Specifically to Provide Coverage Amid Natural Disasters

Sadly, the fictional Avengers from the Marvel Universe can’t swoop in with their super strength and super speed when America needs them most.

Verizon has instead created a different Thor in order to make up for the fictional, hammer-swinging god that doesn’t exist.

THOR is an emergency relief vehicle that is designed to bring 5G coverage to first responders in the midst of a natural disaster situation. It is a key invention, seeing as the world continues to face more and more natural disasters of intense strength amidst climate change.

Verizon THOR Truck Savior During Disasters

During a disaster, losing communication can be the difference between life and death. It can impact search and rescue recovery efforts. THOR stands for Tactical Humanitarian Operations Response vehicle.

According to Insider, THOR is a part of the Verizon Frontline project. This is a program that works to help with network and communications technology for first responders during natural disasters. Also included in this program is the Verizon Response Team, which is thousands of members that are there to provide relief devices during a disaster.

On the official Verizon website, THOR is ironically given the name “Swiss Army Knife of Verizon Frontline Services.”

This is because the truck has about every feature imaginable for providing aid. This includes drones, 5G, mobile edge computing, and radio. The actual data remains on THOR, rather than from a faraway data center. This makes the machine that much more reliable during a disaster. There is a massive delay between pushing data from a data center and back.

All of this then goes into an ordinary Ford F650 truck. The Ford truck is popular for its durability and overall quality. The goal was to pick a car that could last and would be tough in different troublesome situations.

Unlike a normal Ford truck, the Verizon THOR has two masts that also can be raised. At the very top are the 4G and 5G radios that can be used to communicate in real-time. As we continue to battle heat waves, tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires, and other disasters, the THOR prototype can prove to be a lifesaving innovation.

AT&T’s Flying Cows

Verizon isn’t the only technology company to offer a form of aid during natural disasters. AT&T created the Flying COW, which stands for Cell-on-Wings. The goal is to provide wireless coverage during natural disasters or other large events.

The device is a drone with a cell site on it. It can beam wireless LTE coverage for a 40 square mile radius. Due to its flying capability and weather-resistant nature, the drone is very handy in emergency situations.

It can fly into dangerous areas and use its thermal imaging to assist search and rescue teams. Overall, it’s small, versatile, and easy to set up and use. This makes it another amazing option to ensure communication is happening during a disaster.