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Veteran’s Viral Post Leads to Finding Man Who Helped Him Stand for National Anthem

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A viral social media post has aided in helping a veteran find the man who helped him stand during the national anthem. 

A veteran and his family from Jackson, Tennessee, took to social media to find a stranger who helped him in his time of need. The Facebook post circled a photo of a man with a large arrow pointing to him. The man in question literally helped the man stand up for his country during the National Anthem. 

Jill Powers posted on Facebook on behalf of her father, Henry County veteran James Morris. According to WBBJ 7 News, James Morris served in the U.S. Army in 1959. To this day, he still salutes the American flag every chance he gets, especially for the National Anthem. 

Nowadays, James Morris is disabled and wheelchair-bound, but when the country’s anthem began to play on Friday at the Cody Nance rodeo, he still felt inclined to stand and pay his respects. 

The veteran’s family attempted to help him rise, but Jill Morris was unable on her own. That was when the mystery hero swooped in to help. The man in the Facebook picture quickly helped Morris stand for the National Anthem. 

Veteran Searched for His Hero

Jill Morris wrote on Facebook asking the community for help finding the name of the heaven-sent man. 

“HEARTWARMING STORY!! Please take a good look at this young man!! There are still some fine people in this world! The National Anthem began to play at the rodeo, and my daddy, a Veteran, wanted to stand. I was unable to get him up by myself. We stopped trying, and he was just going to sit in his chair. This stranger noticed, and without hesitation, he stepped down to help me get daddy on his one leg and continued ţo help me hold him up and steady. Because of this stranger, Daddy, with tears in his eyes, was able to stand proudly for his country!! Thank you so much young man for your kindness! What an awesome testament for the 4th of July!! If you know him, please tag him!!” 

Under the caption, she created an update on the story. The young man had been identified as Blaise Cureington. 

“Update: The fine young man that helped our dad last night was Blaise Cureington. We want to thank him again for being such a stand-up guy and thank all of you for sharing this post so we could locate him!” 

While it may have just been an average day for a generous man like Cureington, Morris says that as a veteran, it changed his life forever. 

“I didn’t even know he was in the picture, and I was like there’s that guy that helped me help daddy stand up,” Powers said. “I thought I would love to thank him and know his name, other than, ‘Hey, I’m going to give you a big hug.'”

The post had gone viral online with more than 1,600 shared and 3,000 likes thanking the man for helping a veteran. According to Cureington’s Facebook page, he works as an electrician and lives in Louisiana with his wife. 

From all of us here at Outsider, thank you, Blaise. And thank you to all the veterans out there.