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Vice President Mike Pence and Wife Karen Unveil ‘Old Fashioned Christmas’ Decorations at D.C. Residence

Photo credit: Zach Gibson/Getty Images

Vice President Mike Pence and Second Lady Karen Pence are in a festive mood. The couple unveiled Christmas decorations for their Washington D.C. residence. The Pence family is preparing for an “old fashioned” Christmas.

On Instagram, Karen officially showed off the home’s holiday decorations. The theme “Old Fashioned Christmas” harkens back to Christmases of yesteryear and simpler times. The scene is reminiscent of both a Norman Rockwell painting and “A Christmas Story,” a timeless slice of Americana.

She wrote, “The cherished memories and treasured traditions of the Holiday Season are on full display at the @VP Residence for an ‘Old Fashioned Christmas.'”

Mike Pence and Karen Decorate Their Residence

Decorations feature seasonal elements like pine cones, berries, and also grapevines. The decor combines the seasonal with both rustic and traditional themes. The Pence family decorated their house with sleds, a toboggan, gingerbread ornaments, lanterns, and also burlap.

According to a press release, Karen selected and also oversaw the development of the theme. Devers Design in Arlington, Virginia helped design the family’s residence. Workers transformed the house during the course of five days. In total, they used 600 yards of burlap and ribbon, 1,000 ornaments, 250 decorative gifts, and also 35 wreaths.

Additionally, the outside of the Pence’s residence features 500 yards of garland, 130 velvet bows and seven Christmas trees.

The White House Unveils Its Christmas Decorations

The Pence’s decorations follow The White House’s unveiling of its own holiday theme. “America the Beautiful” is this year’s Christmas theme. Melania Trump officially revealed the presidential decorations online after photos surfaced of her receiving Christmas trees.

Nature was a big part of this year’s theme. Christmas trees and wreaths decorated the hallways of the White House.