Vicky White, Casey White Arrested: Intense Video Shows Moment Cops Catch Alabama Fugitives

After more than a week on the run, Alabama corrections officer Vicky White and murder suspect Casey White were finally tracked down in Indiana. Police arrested Casey following a car chase, but authorities pronounced Vicky dead at the scene. Now, intense footage from a bystander that witnessed police swarm their vehicle has been released.

What to Know

  • After an 11-day manhunt, two Alabama fugitives were finally tracked down after a car chase in Indiana
  • Alabama corrections officer Vicky White allegedly shot herself before police could arrest her
  • A local captured the aftermath of the wreck and arrest with his cell phone

On Monday, authorities found the couple in Evansville, Indiana after Vicky helped Casey escape from an Alabama jail. Tips from the public led to their whereabouts, which resulted in a car chase with police. The chase came to an end when a US Marshals task force member drove their vehicle into the couple’s Cadillac. That caused their Cadillac to wreck and roll over. According to US Marshals, 38-year-old Casey White was behind the wheel of their getaway car at the time of the crash.

Additionally, 56-year-old Vicky White allegedly took her own life before police could arrest her. US Marshal Marty Keely of the Northern District of Alabama shared further details, per CNN.

WARNING: Video contains explicit language.

“We got Casey White out who immediately announced that his wife had shot herself in the head and that he didn’t do it,’’ Keely explained.

Casey White Arrested at the Scene, Vicky White Takes Her Own Life

Following an 11-day nationwide search for Casey White and Vicky White, authorities finally caught up to the fugitives yesterday. Authorities shared that they received hundreds of tips about the fugitives’ whereabouts.

US Marshal Marty Keely said authorities found out Casey and Vicky rented a hotel room in Indiana. They set up surveillance around the hotel and kept an eye on them before the car chase later ensued. Supposedly, Vicky left the hotel wearing a wig and joined Casey in the Cadillac before the chase began. As of now, there is no video of the actual car chase, but one local captured the aftermath with his phone.

“I swear to God, I’m looking at it right now! They just got him!” the man recording excitedly says in the video to someone on the phone. Evidently the suspects were stopped near the parking lot of his workplace. “Holy s**t, they got him! The just dragged him out!”

According to the NY Post, Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton spoke to reporters following the duo’s capture yesterday. “This has ended a very stressful and challenging week and a half,” Singleton said. “It ended the way that we knew it would – they are in custody.”

Authorities are still searching for answers as to why Vicky White would throw away her life and career for the murder suspect. She worked at the Alabama corrections facility for almost two decades and was a respected figure among her peers. Vicky has been called a mother-like figure to younger deputies she worked with. Her colleagues are still shocked by her actions in helping Casey White escape.

Sadly, Vicky’s decisions led to her demise after shooting herself as police arrested Casey White. Police may not get all the answers they’re looking for since we’ll never hear her explanations for the last 11 days. However, further details are sure to come to light as they speak with Casey while he’s behind bars once again.