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Video: Carrie Underwood Opens Up About Her Marriage ‘I Always Swore I’d Never Marry a Hunter’

(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for CMT)

Carrie Underwood said she was surprised that she fell in love with a hunter after making a pledge as a child to not marry one. In a video about the struggles of marriage and faith, Underwood and husband, Mike Fisher, open up about the ups and downs of their life together.

In the video for “I Am Second,” a series about faith, Underwood says she made a pledge as a child to never marry a hunter, “not in a million years.” But that changed.

Underwood grew up on a cattle ranch in Oklahoma, which, she says, is why she’s now a vegetarian who tries to not buy leather products. Fisher grew up in rural Ontario, enjoying hunting and being outdoors. The two explain that at first, it was a difficult break in their marriage.

“Oh, you thought I was going to stop hunting? Oh, I thought she wasn’t going to care,” Fisher says, recalling those early days. “And all of a sudden it’s like ‘Woah.'”

But despite being “drastically different,” they’re able to have “spirited discussions” and move past their issues, she said.

Now, the couple posts photos of their sons fishing.

Falling in love

Carrie Underwood met Mike Fisher at a meet and greet at one of her shows in 2008. They were, without a doubt, instantly smitten. She texted a friend that he was “hot. hot. hot.” He said she was even more beautiful in person. The couple got married in 2010.

Fisher, who played 10 seasons in the National Hockey League, wanted a family right away. Underwood said she wasn’t a “kid person.” She wasn’t as sold on having a family.

“I’m not good with other people’s kids, why would I be good with my own?” she quips in the video.

Though when her son Isaiah was born in 2015, she knew immediately that she had made the right decision. “I fell in love right away. I was in love,” she says, remembering holding her son for the first time. Fisher says becoming a father is the greatest gift he’s ever gotten.

Isaiah and Underwood have a duet on her new album of Christmas songs “My Gift,” which came out last week. The 5-year-old sings on “The Little Drummer Boy” with his mom.

The couple has two sons, Isaiah and Jacob.

Finding faith in God

A large portion of the first episode titled “I Cry Easy” is about Fisher finding his faith. He signed with the Ottawa Senators at the age of 19, the fulfillment of a lifelong goal. But he said it left him feeling empty. He spent that night in a bar, getting drunk and “making bad decisions.” He woke up the next morning “feeling like the worst piece of crap.”

Fisher struggled, he said, until being invited to a Bible study with his cousin. There, he read Mark 8:36 and felt it spoke to him. “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, but lose his soul?” He devoted his life to Jesus after that, he said. “And that was awesome,” he said.

This was the first of several episodes of the couple did with “I Am Second.” Each one focuses on different aspects of their life, marriage, family, and faith.