Grizzly Bear Ferociously Protects Its Kill From Brave Lone Wolf

Gigantic Grizzly bear #791 is back at it again in Yellowstone – and this time he’s defending his elk dinner from a brave lone wolf.

Chances are, if you’ve visited our site, then you’ve read about Grizzly #791. This big, boisterous bear is all the rage in 2020. He’s downed an enormous bull elk in Yellowstone River, then fiercely defended it from tourists and bears alike. His latest foe? The bravest wolf in all of Yellowstone.

In the latest footage sent to ViralHog from the National Park, 791 seems to be up to his usual antics. Lounging about his famous elk kill, the grizzly bear is living his best life. Or he was, however, until this lone wolf enters the scene.

Starting off, 791 seems incredibly tolerant of the wolf’s presence. Far more than you’d expect. The two passively resist conflict as the massive bear lounges atop his treasure. Don’t let his demeanor fool you, though. 791 is a spry, immense beast. And once the wolf gets too brave – the grizzly reminds him who’s boss.

Watch the ferocious Grizzly bear vs. lone wolf on Viral Hog

The standoff between the animals can be seen at the link above. The video’s caption gives more information on the incident:

“Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA “Yellowstone Park grizzly bear 791 defends his elk kill from an intruding grey wolf. 791 recently took down the elk in the Yellowstone river and proceeded to bury it on the rivers edge to cover the scent of the decaying carcass. However, after a few days the wolves began to pick up on it. This wolf was alone and therefore not much of a threat to the massive grizzly. It was more of a game to him to see how close the dominating bear would let him get to his kill. To my surprise, as proven by this image, he let him get very close. The wolf would slowly approach, the bear would make a slight shift in position, and the wolf would back off for awhile. This cycle occurred 4 times in my watching.”


Weighing a good ten times the amount of this wolf, it’s no wonder Grizzly #791 is in no hurry. He’s able to stay confident and lazy – until the canine gets too close for comfort. Then, he reminds the much smaller mammal of his size. All it takes is 791 standing on all fours, and his humongous shoulders do the rest of the talking.

Yellowstone has seen frequent Grizzy v wolf encounters as of late. Another recent encounter saw an entire pack of wolves taking on one of the enormous bears. Needless to say, this previous battle – with 18 wolves squaring off against one bear – went quite differently.