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Video: Phil Robertson Believes God Will Put Donald Trump ‘Back in Office’

(Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images)

Phil Robertson said he is turning to a higher power to return Donald Trump to the White House for another term. On his most recent “Unashamed” podcast, Robertson said he believes God will get Trump re-elected.

“Donald Trump has a high IQ. He’s smart very smart,” The Duck Commander said in the video. “… Look, he’ll grow in the faith. … I believe God will put him back into office. That’s what I believe. We’ll see.”

The topic came up during a discussion about separating Trump’s boastful, angry personality from his politics. The video podcast was recorded a day before the election.

“I’m strictly voting for (Trump) because of his policies,” Robertson said. “He said he would do things. Fix the border. Trade. Get China out of here … Everything he’s done, in my opinion, I’ve said “that’s what I would have done. …”

Robertson said he’s met Trump two or three times and preached the Gospel to the president.

“I pointed him to Jesus, and I asked God to put him back in. ‘I think he’s the man. Lord, he’s with you; he’s with your people. I’ve watched him, he’s with us — the Bible believers, the Bible thumpers’. …. He’s pro-life. He doesn’t kill children. If he did, I wouldn’t vote for him — ever. EVER.

Phil Robertson said Trump’s Christian critics must take into account how “young in the faith” the president is.

“It’s a far cry when you first come to Jesus. ‘You say, When you first came to Jesus, Phil, did you love your enemies?'” he said. “…. I didn’t even know what agape love was.

Phil Robertson Explains Why He Hasn’t Worn a Mask

During a discussion on COVID-19 on the podcast with his son Jase Robertson, Phil Robertson said he isn’t worried about the coronavirus.

“Have you ever worn a mask during this thing? No,” he asked rhetorically. But Jase mentions Phil’s bandana headband, which could be pulled down and used as a mask. “I got my headband in case they say you got a mask. I say ‘ya see it on top of my head.’ They say ‘you ever worn that?’ No. They say have you worried about this?’ No.”

Phil said he still gives fist bumps to people he meets. Yet, he still hasn’t contracted the virus to his knowledge. With or without a mask, he said, there is a chance of catching it. Although, doctors and scientists point out that the risk of contracting the virus is lower if you wear a mask.

According to Johns Hopkins University, more than 9 million Americans have had the coronavirus, and more than 232,000 have died in the U.S.