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WATCH: 5 Tips for a Successful Coyote Hunt

Coyote, Canis latrans. (Photo by: Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Headed out for a predator harvest? Take a gander at our 5 pro tips for a successful coyote hunt before hunting these wily hunters yourself.

“Hunter hunting hunter!” Oh yes, we’re talking Coyote hunting in this edition of Outsider’s Pro Tips.

There’s nothing quite like the challenge of predator hunting, is there? Whether out of necessity to protect your livestock, keeping their population down for game animal conservation, or hunting for those golden pelts – Outsider‘s pro staff has gathered their top five tips for our fellow hunters to put to use.

Join us as we run through the basics here, and be sure to watch as Outsider Pro Abby Casey goes in-depth below.

1) Time of Year, Time of Day

Time of year and time of day are crucial for the coyote hunt, as with any game or predator.

The winter months, in particular, prove bountiful for coyote harvests in most areas of the U.S. During these colder months, coyotes are much more actively scouring for food. And considering prey’s scarcity in winter, they’re far more likely to answer your prey distress call, too.

Stick to early morning or late evening for your best chance at spotting these diurnal (dawn & dusk) predators.

2) Stay Downwind

With predator hunting, you will always want to have the wind on your side – never against you.

Coyotes utilize a circular form of hunting and have an incredible sense of smell and hearing. As such, no matter how convincing your distress calls are, if a coyote smells (or hears) something “off” – there’s a scant chance they’ll ever get within range.

Familiarize yourself with wind patterns, and stay downwind from where you want your target to be at all times.

3) Stay Patient… But Not TOO Patient

Every hunter’s been told to be patient more times than they can count. But with a coyote hunt, a specific type of patience is genuinely key.

Each sit, whether with bait or call or both or whatever you prefer, should last about 20 to 30 minutes. Waiting past this will more than likely get you nowhere fast.

If you find yourself party to a lucky harvest just minutes into your set – stick it out! Where there’s one coyote, there’s always more not far behind.

4) Calls are Key

Whether you prefer electronic or mouth calls, there really is no wrong answer. Don’t let others convince you of one over the other.

Instead, try out a multitude of calls over your coyote hunts and get a feel for which one works best for you and your ecosystem & setup.

5) Best Locations for Coyote Hunt

As for this last, and perhaps most crucial pro tip, Abbey says it best. Watch our full Pro Tips with her below to get the drop on what locations near you can really help step up your next coyote or predator hunt:

Outsider Pro Staff Abby Casey gives 5 tips for successfully hunting coyote and predators.


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