Watch: Army Football Player Brutally Headbutts Coach While Wearing Helmet

It’s unclear whether the coach has a concussion – but it certainly looks like he receives one courtesy of an over-eager army football player headbutt.

What starts as a raucous celebration for the Army Black Knights quickly turns to an intense mistake – then emergency. During their Saturday night game, the Knights score against the Cincinnati Bearcats – and become understandably hyped. An offensive lineman comes in for his Army coach, and sees his coach matching his own excitement. From there, #59 – who makes the decision to headbutt his helmetless coach – goes into full “hoo-rah” mode.

Unfortunately, the situation gets bad pretty fast. The headbutt, which can be clearly seen below from two separate angles – is absolutely brutal. The Army’s coach is left scrambling for consciousness. His eyesight disappears, and he can be seen grabbing at the air in front of him. As he desperately tries to come-to – #59 – the headbutter – sticks around briefly to see if his coach is okay. It’s clear he feels badly, too, but not badly enough, perhaps.

Brutal headbutt leaves army football coach incapacitated:

Football fans know this is something players do to each other constantly during games. The distinction here is, however…. that both parties are always *wearing helmets*. Coaches… do not.

Thankfully, an assistant coach is on hand to catch the suffering lead coach before he falls. You can see him having to be held upright. Surely – surely this poor man suffered a concussion from this massive hit. If he did – we wish him a speedy recovery.