Watch: Bird Feeder Cam 24/7 Livestream

Life gets hectic. It can seem like you’re constantly running. There’s work, errands, and all manner of appointments. If you have kids, that’s a whole new kind of busy. You’re either keeping up with them or running them from place to place. If they’re old enough, you have to work to get them to spend a few minutes with you. In short, we know how busy life can get. Sometimes you just need a moment to take a breath and find your center. However, those moments can be hard to come by. This is especially true if you’d rather be taking in the great outdoors but you’re stuck in the concrete jungle. Well, that’s where we come in. The team at Outsider has set up a series of cameras that stream scenes from the outdoors all day long. For instance, check out this bird feeder cam.

You can’t go wrong with a little bird watching. There’s something calming and satisfying about watching the birds fluttering in and out, taking what they need, and going about their day.

Here at Outsider, we know how important it is to get out and enjoy nature. We also know that it’s not always easy, or even possible to do. That’s why we’re bringing you these live streams of a few different outdoor locations. Not only can you take a moment to enjoy the beauty of nature but you can also jump in the live chat. You can drop in and comment if you’ve spotted something interesting. At the same time, you can chat with other members of the Outsider tribe. So, in a way, you can enjoy nature together even if you’re hundreds of miles apart.

What To Expect from the Outsider Bird Feeder Cam

There’s no telling what you’ll see while watching the Outsider bird feeder cam. The local wildlife is pretty diverse. You’ll see cardinals, chickadees, finches, titmouse, and red-winged blackbirds. There’s a good chance you’ll catch a squirrel or two if you watch long enough.

Wild turkey and deer also frequent the area. The birdfeeder cam is set up just a few yards from a deer feeder. That feeder goes off at 6 am and 6 pm central. At that time, the camera will zoom in on the deer feeder. You’ll be able to watch a small herd of deer come to eat. At the same time, a flock of turkeys will usually stop by to grab a bite.

If the bird feeder cam isn’t your speed, the Outsider team offers two other nature cameras as well. You can tune in to the creek camera to listen to the running water and watch the wildlife that frequents the water source. A lake camera is also set up on the property. There, you can catch some ducks, heron, and even the occasional bald eagle.

All three cams are within range of the deer feeder. So you’ll be able to catch the deer and turkey at scheduled feeding times, no matter which camera you watch.

Head on over to the Outsider YouTube channel, pick a cam and enjoy a little slice of nature. While you’re at it, feel free to hop in the live chat or leave a comment. Just because we aren’t right next to one another doesn’t mean we can’t all share the beauty of the great outdoors.