Country Throwback: Watch Brad Paisley’s Wife Interrupt Video Call with Tim McGraw, Darius Rucker

Brad Paisley knows how to keep his wife pleased because, as everyone knows, happy wife means a happy life. 

In a hilarious throwback video from the country stars Instagram in July, Brad Paisley’s wife interrupts a writing session between him, Tim McGraw, Darius Rucker, and Jimmie Allen to ask a crucial question. 

Kimberly Williams-Paisley pops her head in the Zoom call to say hi to the other stars and proceeds to ask her husband for his wallet. McGraw, Rucker, and Allen all go crazy with laughter, where Rucker even gives Paisley some advice. 

“Don’t do it!” yells Darius Rucker with his hands around his mouth. 

Brad Paisley obeys Kimberly and pulls out his wallet from his back pocket and hands it to his wife of 18 years. Where can we find one?

The 48-year-old country star shares a hilarious caption regarding the video. “I was zooming with my friends, and I got mugged. Watch. Report if found. #stopthief#notsafeanywhereanymore@kimberlywilliamspaisley.”

Tim McGraw commented under the post, saying, “When your wallet is her wallet… and her wallet is also her wallet 😂.”

Kimberley also posted the clip with her own amusing caption. “Anyone want anything from @Target? I just got a new credit card!” 

In fact, yes. Yes, we do. We will forward you our wish list right now!

Brad Paisley Is Husband of the Year

The Paisleys continuously prove to be relationship goals as Brad attempts to dye Kimberley’s hair while the family is in quarantine. 

“Oh, I had no idea you colored your hair,” said a sweet Brad Paisley. “This is going to ruin everything I’ve worked toward in my image. Shut up. You are using me for my talents.”

 By the end of the video, Kimberly shares an after photo from the botched hair appointment. Let’s just say she should stick to professionals, and Brad probably doesn’t have a future career in hair care.