WATCH: Deer Jumps and Crashes into Crowd of Bicyclists

For committed cyclists, the sport embodies values including stamina, strength, endurance, and dedication. However, of all those values, none of them touches on deer evasion tactics. Nevertheless, one unfortunate cyclist participating in a New Jersey benefit ride had quite a spill when a small buck launched itself into a crowd of bicyclists.

Footage captures the moment the buck leaps from the brush on the side of the road, strikes the cyclist who tumbles from his bike and lands on his back on the ground, before the animal completes its flight end of end, landing on the other side of the road. Check it out.

According to Newsweek, the group of riders had only completed about three miles of the 26-mile ride through Lumberton, NJ. The philanthropic endeavor saw participation from the Wise Choice Cycling Club, taking part in the ride as a way to highlight auto-immune disease awareness.

Suddenly, the cyclists in the video began shouting, “Deer!” as one of the biker’s keeps an eye trained on the side of the road.

Right as the deer leapt, the animal just struck the third cyclist‘s front tire. As a result, both the animal and the rider saw themselves grounded, hard. Fortunately, the outlet shared the cyclist was able to remount his bike, unharmed, and complete the ride. The state of the deer remains unknown.

Of the situation, outdoor equipment company REI said human encounters with North American wildlife typically end peacefully, with little threat to either party. Occasionally, this excludes large “backcountry” cats. They advise cyclists and other Outsiders that should you encounter creatures like this in their home environment, you should remain calm and quiet, careful not to excite the animal.

North Dakota Deer Hunters See Refund Amid Disease Outbreak

Fortunately for our unfortunate biker, no major harm nor injury came to the individual. Additionally, it appears the animal within the clip avoided the ravages of this year’s ongoing EHD outbreak, a disease known to increase mortality rates in deer populations.

As hunting season brings in a lot of revenue for the industry, with each license costing an impressive $255, the mass refund could have major impacts. According to KFYR, the impactful disease, epizootic hemorrhage disease, has affected half of the midwestern state’s deer population. As a result, 30,000 deer hunters have seen refunds as EHD takes away individual’s ability to take home healthy game.

Further, this year’s outbreak is remarkable as cases of EHD pop up in white-tailed deer populations across the country annually. However, this year has seen an unprecedented amount of deer fatalities as the disease has ravaged populations.

Burleigh County resident James Schmidt shared with the outlet, “First round combining corn, I found dead deer lying along the edge of the field. Schmidt’s neighbor shared a count of 30 dead deer sightings so far since September.

Fortunately for Outsiders, the disease does not pose a risk to humans. However, it does greatly affect the hunting community and their ability to bring home game for the season.