WATCH: Dolly Parton Explains Story Behind New Song ‘Christmas Is’

It’s no secret that Dolly Parton loves Christmas. The amount of new Christmas content she has produced this year is a testament to that. At last count, she has dropped one album, two live specials, and a Netflix original holiday musical. The much Yuletide cheer can only come from a love for the holiday.

Yesterday, the country music icon released a video explaining the meaning behind the track “Christmas Is” from her “Holly Dolly Christmas” album. The song focuses on the spirit of the holiday and gives some insight into why Dolly loves this time of year so much.

Dolly Parton Breaks Down “Christmas Is”

Before getting into the message of the song, Dolly Parton reveals that it is her favorite track from the album. She goes on to explain that the song is, “About caring for those that don’t have. When you have a feast on your table, remember there are others out there with only crumbs. ” Much like the meaning of the holiday, she says “Christmas Is” is about “Remembering to love and to be good and to share with one another because that’s what Christmas is.”

She goes on to say that after writing the song she knew it would be perfect to share with her goddaughter Miley Cyrus. According to Parton, the melody was perfect for Miley’s voice and the harmonies that they do together.

Dolly’s Christmas Spirit

Dolly Parton has a long history of generosity that stems from her upbringing. In her early life, there wasn’t much money to go around. What they lacked in funds, though, they made up for in love. Her Christmas spirit is just an extension of her year-round generosity.

Whether she is asking Santa to make the world happy again for Christmas, donating to charity, or organizing a program that puts books in the hands of children around the world Dolly Parton is a shining example of having a giving spirit. She doesn’t just sing about sharing, caring, and being good to your fellow human being, she lives it twelve months a year. She just gets to be fun and festive about it in December.