Watch: Dolly Parton Makes Kenny Rogers Blush in Hilarious Throwback Interview

In a newly released video from the ’80s, Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers’ flirtatious friendship was on display as Parton makes Rogers blush from her comments. The new clip is from one of Parton’s eponymous television variety shows that are premiering exclusively on The Boot.

“This is so much fun, and I knew it would be,” Parton says to Rogers as they come together on stage. “Because every time I’ve worked with you, I’ve had a good time.”

By the late 1980s when this was filmed, the pair had already recorded their classic hit “Islands in the Stream.” Additionally, the duo had recorded a Christmas album together –1984’s Once Upon a Christmas – and released another collaboration, 1985’s “Real Love.”

As the clip continues, Parton explains to Rogers that during this part of her show audience members get to ask questions. Parton asks Rogers if he’d be willing to join in and allow the audience to ask them a few. Rogers replies wondering what type of questions are going to be thrown his way.

“They’ll probably ask questions like, ‘Are they real?’ and, ‘Has Kenny ever seen ’em?’ or, ‘Would he like to?’” answers Parton as she laughs. Meanwhile, Rogers silently drags his chair out of the spotlight and sits down in the dark. The audience roars with laughter and claps for the humorous interaction between the two country legends.

In 2013, the duo would collaborate one more time in the studio on “You Can’t Make Old Friends.” The pair shared one of country music’s most famous friendships until Rogers passed away in March. Afterward, Parton admitted her longtime friend’s death caught her by surprise, The Boot reports.

“It just shocked me, and I was very emotional about it for several days,” said Parton. “Now I’ve kind of put it in a peaceful place, knowing that he’s at peace.”

Parton’s New Time Life Collection Dolly: The Ultimate Collection

The scene is just a small example of the tons of rare footage in Parton’s new Time Life collection. It includes on stage, television, and interview segments, packaged together for the first time in a 19 DVD set. 

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In addition to a new interview with Parton, Time Life interviewed other country stars about the legendary female artist. The interviews include talks with stars like Vince Gill, Miranda Lambert, Kenny Rogers, Carrie Underwood, and Lily Tomlin. There’s also a song by song breakdown telling the story of her iconic songs.

“It’s been an amazing journey and you’ll find some of my most precious highlights included here in this collection,” Parton said in a press release. “What a delightful trip down memory lane … just the hairstyles and outfits alone are worth a look. And I’m surprised there are still any rhinestones left in this world!”

You can only buy the collection directly from the Time Life website dedicated to the release.