Watch: Elk Entangled in Downed Wires Rescued by Oregon Officials

On Thursday morning, wildlife officials rescued a Roosevelt elk in Southern Oregon with its antlers caught in downed wires, according to Oregon State Police.

A Butte Falls ranch caretaker came across the fatigued elk as it moved in circles trying to free itself from the wires.

Afterward, the caretaker called the police, and the Pacific Power company disabled the power lines. This allowed an Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife worker to tranquilize the elk so they could remove the animal’s antlers from the twisted wires.

The Oregon State Police shared a clip of the entangled elk, along with some information about the rescue.

“Amazing Elk rescue near Butte Falls. Elk became entangled in some wires. @PacificPower_OR disabled the power lines. @MyODFW tranquilized the elk allowing the cables to be removed,” the tweet read.

“What a magnificent creature. #Teamwork #FridayFeels #Conservation,” the department wrote.

Mathew Vargas, of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, later spoke with OregonLive about the incident. He said the elk is one of the biggest he has ever seen and also estimated that it weighed 700 to 800 pounds.

Workers counteracted the tranquilizer by giving the elk another shot after they freed it from the wire. The massive elk eventually stood up and walked back into the woods. The animal did not show any signs of injury after the incident.

“It was a good team effort,” Vargas said to OregonLive. “We always hope for incidents like this to go so smoothly. You couldn’t have asked for better.”

According to Vargas, Elk’s antlers regularly get stuck or entangled. In fact, he has even seen an elk tangled in a volleyball net.

“It’s just in their nature to always be playing with things with their antlers,” he said. “They can’t help themselves.”

[H/T FOX News]